Possible Indomethacin Potentiation of Cannabis or Synthetic Cannabinoids
I attempted to submit this to r/askdrugnerds however apparently my title wasn’t ok and the submit was eliminated. That made me salty so I stated fuck it and I’m asking my favourite folks on Reddit as a substitute; please forgive me that weed just isn’t an rc. I’m unsure what number of of you could have seen however indomethacin may be very structurally much like artificial cannabinoids, notably the JWH collection. I at all times puzzled if it interacted with CB receptors however may solely discover details about COX inhibition. I discovered [this paper](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6813218/) which claims indomethacin is a CB1 receptor optimistic allosteric modulator. Now this leads me to query if indomethacin can enhance the psychological and bodily results of cannabinoids. Does anybody have any expertise taking indomethacin and smoking weed/artificial noids collectively?

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