Using the Aegis Solo to vape NBOMES?
So on a earlier thread I agreed with the plan to create an ethanol NBOME answer, volumetrically dose it twice after which combine it with PGA to have 10ug/drop, with the plan of making an attempt 20ug first (dose adjusted accordingly to potentiation made potential by vape ROA. We agreed it was greatest to make use of an RDA mod, I’m questioning if I may use the Aegis not not like as it’s used on this vid I’m new to RDA vapes so any recommendation can be appreciated. I’m not right here to listen to why that fox article satisfied you that NBOMES are the satan. Additionally p.s I’ve the ccell which I initially determined to get for DMT however appears to be far too wasteful. If anybody can recommend good substances to discover _cart_ vapes with (as I perceive there are a number of) then that will be a lot appreciated! I’m primarily within the psych space however could possibly be tempted by the odd benzo or no matter, I’m simply fascinated by how this ROA has a powerful impact on the experiential high quality of the substance.

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