Report: 70-80mg DMXE, first time
whats up, here’s a report on DMXE from final evening, interspersed with basic notes and ideas. most of it was written throughout the expertise. I hope it will likely be tutorial, informative, and considerably entertaining as effectively. Topic Age: 22 Intercourse: M Weight: approx. 170lbs/80kg Set/Setting: Glad/content material/relaxed, my condominium Doses: T0:00- ~30mg oral T1:30- ~20mg IN T1:45- ~10mg IN + 2 hits robust weed Background So far as dissociatives go, I’ve encountered a lot of DXM (30+ 1st plat, 10+ 2nd, 5 third, 2 4th), small quantities of DCK and ket (2 bumps of every at most), and some giant quantities of 3-MeO-PCP (I preserve which means to put in writing a report concerning the time I took ~30mg and went mountaineering). In the intervening time, I ought to have pretty low tolerance, provided that 2 weeks in the past I finished my regiment of dosing 1st-2nd plat DXM each different week to start a interval of whole sobriety from all substances besides caffeine, weed, and alcohol. I bought the pfizer vaccine early within the morning right now, however drank a lot of water, ate wholesome and bought solar so I am feeling advantageous. Took a nap round 7pm, awoke and felt extremely energized, and determined to strive my DMXE. MXE was the RC that originally piqued my curiosity in RCs, however I by no means ordered it on account of me being petrified of bitcoin. Uh however now i figured it out so right here we’re. I did some cleansing duties, ate a medium dinner of fancy grilled cheese and hen/wild rice soup, did temporary analysis that steered that DMXE most likely will not have an effect on my vaccine’s efficacy, after which: Report [Note: most was written while experimenting, a bit was written after. left the spelling/grammar mistakes in most cases bc they’re funny and capture my mental/physical state]: [~8:30pm] – Sublingual allergy take a look at of some grains from the aspect of the baggie. Not essentially the most correct lol however gotta do what you gotta do. Feeling calmly excited, anticipating what’s to come back. [9:00] – Feeling an enormous disso’d actually from the allergy take a look at, could possibly be placebo or post-nap/meal fatigue. Nothing main although, simply overly cozy on the sofa. Interacted with roommate with no main points, then went to my room and weighed out approx. 30mg (+/-10mg) to be parachuted in a single ply of TP. Virtually instantly, my burps begin tasting like balloons– enjoyable! notice: my scale is not too correct (see above lol), however I figured given the forgiving nature of the substance and most ketamine derivatives it would not matter an excessive amount of. based mostly on the experiences of others, 20mg will probably be sufficient to really feel one thing, and 40mg would definitely be ample with out being an excessive amount of. Want I knew the precise dose, nevertheless it’s nbd imho :p [9:10] – Took a bathe with my speaker, music sounded nice however once more could possibly be placebo. Begin feeling a bit odd, and it is arduous to inform how lengthy I am spending in there (judging by the track lengths, perhaps 10-15min? subjectively felt like 30). Really feel nice, however once more arduous to separate from placebo and the overall pleasantness of the night. [9:35] – Begin scripting this report. Music souds excellent, spacy and type of like these eight dimensional youtube movies. Positively feeling it, feeling vaguely spacy and dissociated and cozy. Having a lot of enjoyable writing, although I discover myself over-editing to the purpose of not making sense and typically getting caught up within the momentum of my phrases and fingers. Fingers mildly sweaty and I am vibing. [9:45] – Over the following ten minutes, I more and more dissociate in an extremely pleasurable manner. Very clear-headed and comfortable, and this track is fucking me up in the easiest way. Actually encapsulates how this substance makes me really feel, particularly when i transfer my head and really feel my mind liquid sloshing to meet up with the rotation. It is actually beginning to hit me now. Was excited about redosing IN earlier than this however I feel I am going to wait, as others have stated that it will possibly take as much as 1.5 hrs to essentially shine. Some visible smearing, like with DXM, however clearer and extra controllable (if i actually flex my eyes i can see stuff, nevertheless it takes some effort). cev/oev are in any other case fairly neglible, as i’v been screens so my eyes are adjusted to that… I am actually having fun with excited about language and the way phrases will be mixed to trick another person into considering what you are considering. you are studying this proper now form of beat lol. Rattling, DMXE would go loopy in a membership setting with loud bassy music and lights and dancing. I am very conscious of the positions of the completely different drivers in my headphones– a thought which prompts a little bit of analysis after which a lot of analysis. Feeling very susceptible to happening web rabbit holes of knowledge, on this topic and others. I am in additional of a discovering & studying temper than a studying temper, selecting to gloss by way of pages to search out the precise nugget of knowledge I want fairly than take within the broader context. At this level, I really feel mildly stimulated, pretty dissociated, and really loooose/enjoyable. I am slightly dizzy however not uncomfortable. Each motion I make has elevated momentum behind it, prompting me to maneuver with care lest I smash my water bottle into my face. i really feel social however not socially assured, like i would wish to work together and make a idiot of myself.This compound undoubtedly feels mildly serotonergic based mostly on my previous experiences with that neurotransmitter. lol i am realizing how bizarre it’s to put in writing stuff. [editor’s note: by this point i am very fucked up] [10;10] – yup. I feel i am on the peak! or at the very least I’m plateauing. I really feel wild, very stretched and uneven (i feel on account of my two displays being completely different sizes, shapes, and heights). euphoriaa i really feel superb not rolly however similar to the cozy heat of being drunk with out the unwanted effects, form of. simply dissociated heat bliss with a tinge of clinilcal anethstetic emotions [10:23] – Since i actually wish to get my toes moist, and am having fun with how I really feel thus far, ~ 20mg (small line) gently insufflated to proper nostril. slight burn, robust balloon odor, brings me again. fingers are very clammy and mildly arduous to goal. delicate drip, nothign too loopy. I really feel stretched out, lengthened like laffy taffy and drawn in to no matter I’m [10:30] – okay, drip and dissociation hitting on the similar time. making some music rn and it’s sophisticated by the bizarre, balloon-like stringency of the stuff happening my throat. Possibly I inhaled too arduous? regalrd;ess, i am feeling wild! delicate tinnitus and blurred, gentle imaginative and prescient like lots of of christmas lights are being pulled away behind a skinny white movie kinda underneath the place iw as hoping to be… gonna smoke a bit and watch amovie and see what occurs [editor’s note: at this point i was definitely where i wanted to be, or at least headed there. i doubt the 10:23 dose had even really hit me yet, but this was truly a fiend moment.] [10:45?] – hit what’s left of a bowl (1-2 giant hits) then insufflate one other ~20mg. lay down, placed on my eyemask, and hit a hole-like state (perhaps not precise gap, however knocking on the door) with visuals impressed by a cellular sport i have been enjoying just lately, graffiti-style artwork, and the music im listening to ofc. I really feel awash in a heat, electrical ocean, with a lot of blues, greens, and whites glowing in my imaginative and prescient and creating deep chasms outlined by the music. really feel asense of adventuring, exploring the sounds that flesh out mysurroundings and that i uncover new issues and locations within the sonic soundscapes. [~12] – I emerge from the hole-ish state, feeling very content material. excited by what i skilled (experiencing) however glad to be a bit extra funcitonal/returned. undoubtedly nonetheless feeling dosed, however I will stroll to the lavatory with minimal concern (although i do really feel like a jelly-legged cowboy, and am sure i might fumble any roommate interplay if i encountered them on this state). I return, feeling like i’ve to maneuver with comical care to not smash my poorly-percepted physique into doorframes or slam doorways shut behind me. i really feel giant, sq., distorted, like i am strolling in shoulder-high ocean waves. fairly nice. [2:30 +/-30min] – I finally go to sleep. NOTES: Superb– such a enjoyable chemical! actually snuck up on me with the lengthy come-up, however by no means bought too overwhelming. feels nice (bodily and psychological euphoria) although it’s fairly fiendy, however undoubtedly controllable particularly if you happen to get drained as I did. the legs are fucked up although, it took me 4-5 hours after my final dose to go to sleep. The following day, i really feel fairly out of it, however am completely in a position to socialize and calm down with pals in a park setting with principally no concern. I feel the shortage of sleep made me hung-over greater than the rest. general, robust advocate, useful gizmo for music enhancement, watching films, enjoyable, introspection, and so forth! most likely socializing too at decrease doses however i did not really feel inclined to check that. my solely grievance is the lengthy legs, however aside from that DMXE is a really particular chemical 🙂

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