My first RC, 20 mg of 4 HO MET: a fuzzy full body trip
I only in the near past discovered about analysis chemical substances and was instantly intrigued. I regarded into all those simply obtainable to me and located that four HO MET actually match the invoice for what I wished out of a brand new psychedelic, with an emphasis on visuals and a decrease emphasis on the headspace. I lastly received in my 20mg pellets and took one final night time, at dwelling alone. Here is a little bit of a recollection of how my journey developed, then my conclusions on this RC on the backside previous the road break. My expertise with psychedelics is not tremendous numerous, however I’ve received possibly a dozen shroom journeys underneath my belt, one acid journey, and plenty of DMT journeys together with a few breakthroughs. I would say that I am fairly good at going with the circulation of a visit, and I am conscious sufficient to acknowledge once I’m headed down a nasty prepare of thought and cease it earlier than it spirals uncontrolled. I even have sound -> visible synesthesia even in a totally sober mindstate, which is normally considerably enhanced by psychs. Experiencing the improved synesthesia has turn into the primary purpose I do psychs as of late. I took the tablet with some water at about 10:40 PM. Inside about 20 minutes, I used to be beginning the come up. The come up ended up being fairly unfun, and was very jittery and bodily uncomfortable. 10 minutes into the come up, I yawned for the primary time, which for shrooms normally signifies that my journey has began. And certainly, a couple of minutes later, the visuals started. And wow, the visuals! Simply wow. Texture repetition, patterns, drifting, distortions, all unbelievably colourful. All throughout my whole field of regard. The best way that every of the consequences labored collectively and performed off one another was superb to look at. For instance, I might see drifting and watch as each different a part of the imaginative and prescient shifted to accommodate the drifting, nearly as if every floor was lined with a sheet and the drifting was pulling the sheet round. Any time I moved my eyes, the visuals would change utterly, so it was simple to remain entertained. The headspace was very gentle, as anticipated. Stable introspection was potential however not compelled prefer it feels on shrooms generally. I used to be shocked to search out that the much less intense headspace really made the expertise really feel considerably surface-level and incomplete, as if I used to be nonetheless ready for the consequences to utterly kick in regardless of how intense the visuals already had been. Talking of this, the wave-like depth, the place the journey fluctuates up and down in depth over time, felt actually pronounced in comparison with shrooms. At one level it might really feel like I used to be barely tripping, and 5 minutes later the visuals can be not possible to disregard. I vibed for about an hour like this, listening to music and gazing a wall. On the finish of that hour I started to suppose that the incompleteness I used to be feeling wasn’t working nicely sufficient for me, and it was weighing on me. I made a decision that weed would fill that hole properly, so I smoked somewhat bit. Seems I used to be proper! Weed accomplished the expertise for me, and it actually crammed in a number of the gaps I used to be feeling earlier than smoking. It intensified every little thing in regards to the expertise, and the physique buzz from the weed ended up feeling extremely good. Weed additionally had a completely unbelievable impact that ended up being my favourite facet of the expertise: I used to be having a full physique journey. On shrooms, my imaginative and prescient and listening to turn into “textured” for lack of a greater phrase. The very best comparability I can consider is that it is just like the distinction between clear guitars and distorted guitars; they each have the identical base data, however distorted guitars have a little bit of one thing further. With four HO MET and weed, each feeling in my physique was like this, not simply imaginative and prescient and listening to. Each contact or style or odor hit my mind with element, texture, and readability. “Pizzazz” is an apt phrase to explain it, and it was all-encompassing. I do know I am harping on it however I actually cannot overemphasize simply how a lot weed improved this psych for me. It crammed in gaps and added new layers, making every little thing really feel extra full. It went from a 7/10 incomplete-feeling visible whirlwind to a 10/10 fulfilling and pleasurable *expertise* the place each a part of my physique received in on the journey. One factor I observed about this RC is that my CEVs had been fairly inconsistent. I had some good ones shortly after smoking which felt like natural machinescapes ala HR Giger. Many occasions I attempted checking on my CEVs and had little to none. Typically, I used to be principally experiencing OEVs and specializing in that facet. I meditated at one level and doing so was very simple and satisfying. I felt my thoughts clear and had a powerful, sustained, and euphoric feeling of unity. From this level on, the journey did not develop an excessive amount of. I smoked small quantities of weed each hour for the remainder of the journey, which continued to be a good suggestion. I listened to music and checked out footage of nature, which had been nice conduits for all my visuals. I tripped for a full 6 hours, although for the final hour or so I actually needed to focus to note any visuals. I went to mattress nonetheless feeling some after glow, at about 5 AM, so I do not know actually know what the after glow is like. There isn’t any hangover or unwanted side effects at the moment. ————————————— **Conclusion**: General, this was a really enjoyable journey. The visuals had been spectacular, the headspace was chill and light-weight, and the synergy with weed was actually sudden and satisfying. I positively really feel like, with the lighter headspace, I may do increased doses and nonetheless have a implausible time, however most likely not for some time. It additionally seems like one that will be very enjoyable to mix with different psychs in smaller doses, as a manner so as to add some spice to the visuals with out affecting the headspace an excessive amount of. Primarily based on the one expertise, I would extremely advocate it to anybody in search of a really leisure psychedelic expertise with little threat of dangerous occasions. This tune is one I listened to in the course of the journey and one which I believe has the identical heat fuzzy vibe as my expertise. I hope you take pleasure in. TL;DR four HO MET felt like a robotic model of shrooms, engineered in a lab to amplify the visuals, good vibes, and trippiness, all whereas turning down the heavy headspace.

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