a-pvp tested positive for fentanyl
I not too long ago obtained just a few grams of a-pvp from a darknet market. I made a 5mg/mL resolution in faucet water and checked it for fentanyl utilizing a bunk police check strip. It examined constructive. I repeated the check and obtained the identical outcome. I carried out a 3rd check on pure faucet water simply to substantiate that it will give a unfavourable outcome (it did). Pics right here: https://postimg.cc/gallery/8JzL4T3 Does anybody have any perception? Does a-pvp generally yield false positives for fentanyl or one thing? I’ll most likely ship a pattern to drugsdata.org. —- EDIT: On the urging of some commenters, I examined a extra dilute resolution (1mg/mL). It examined constructive. End result: https://postimg.cc/jDbS4MTC —- EDIT: Listed below are the directions for the check package that I used: https://bunkpolice.com/how-to-test-for-fentanyl-fent-kits/. They specify a 10mg/mL resolution for something *besides* meth (one teaspoon of water per 50mg of powder). Since a-pvp is just not meth, I began with a 10mg/mL resolution, as instructed. When this resolution examined constructive, I diluted it all the way down to 5mg/mL. As indicated in my edit to this put up, I carried out an extra check on a 1mg/mL resolution. All checks yielded a constructive outcome.

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