🌟 Very simple 25E-NBOH Powder into Solution (Tutorial with calculation!) 🌟
Easy Tutorial on the right way to flip [25E-NBOH](https://add.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e2/25E-NBOH_structure.png) Powder right into a Resolution. This Tutorial will embody all of the objects wanted. *Please take into account that I’m from Germany so English just isn’t my Native language!* Gadgets you want: * everclear / ethanol 90%-97% (it does NOT correctly dissolve in 100% ethanol, I’m no scientist so I do not actually know why this is not the case, isopropyl alcohol additionally does NOT work) * 50 ml bottle with a medical pipette * 1 gram 25E-NBOH (I’m certain this may even work with totally different NBOH’s) * Blotter Paper (Not wanted should you simply desire a answer) * Syringe (5/10ml works the very best) *should you do not wish to lay blotters you possibly can alternatively use 1,2-Propanediol / PG.* Now we decide how a lot NBOH we would like per drop. That is fairly easy: 1 Drop with a medical pipette is 50ul. If the Pipette is not medical or normed, the drops most probably are a distinct quantity than 50ul!! 20x 50ul drops are 1ml. with this data, we are able to simply calculate our desired dose per drop. On this case, I wish to lay a complete sheet **(900 pcs)** and have 1 Gram of NBOH out there. To make it simpler I’m going to calculate in ug. 1 gram is the same as 1.000.000ug we add 45ml of ethanol / Everclear. We now take the quantity of NBOH and divide it by the quantity of solvent added. This implies we take 1.000.000ug NBOH divided by 45ml ethanol = 22222.22mg NBOH in 1ml Resolution We now divide it by 20 so we all know how a lot ug 1 drop is. 22222.22mg / 20 = **1111.11mg = 1 Drop.** I at all times do reverse math to verify for any errors. 1111.11 multiplied by 900 = ~ 1.000.000ug *you certain can do stronger / weaker drops, simply add a distinct quantity of ethanol and calculate* **Now we put together the answer** 1. Take 1gram of NBOH and punctiliously put it into the 50ml bottle. 2. Add 45ml of ethanol with the syringe 3. Shut the bottle and provides it just a little shake. This may take a while to totally dissolve. If it does not, you possibly can put the bottle in a pot with heat water, this does assist quite a bit and in addition dissolves quicker. Wait till there aren’t any crystals seen on the high of the answer or its floor. Use a flashlight and lighten by the answer to verify. If the answer is obvious, you are able to make your blotters. Squeeze the highest of the pipette collectively and take a load of NBOH. Take out the pipette and maintain it over the bottle till no drops fall of from itself. Take the Pipette, maintain it over the blotter and provides it a slight squeeze till 1 drop falls off. ALWAYS! look out how a lot answer is left within the pipette. If you happen to’re uncertain if it is sufficient for a full drop, empty it out utterly and take a brand new load. `That is it! Thank’s for studying` `A lot love and experimenting` `-DreamingInLove :)` Edit: I’ll proceed to edit this put up to right spelling errors I see

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