STOP Act will be implemented by DHS- sets precedent for USPS to share "advance electronic data" with CBP
I really feel like I simply got here throughout one thing I wasn’t presupposed to see…nevertheless it’s publicly posted on the Dept of Homeland Safety’s press launch archive. Supposedly that is to detect fentanyl as a part of the response to stop opioid overdoses & deaths however it will additionally have an effect on the underground ecosystems and economies of different psychoactive substances and create new grounds for criminalizing folks, doubtlessly throughout borders. Ought to the Opioids Overdose Disaster be addressed by the Division of Homeland Safety, the Division of Well being and Human Companies, neither or each? Ought to the response be localized, autonomous and decentralized or do folks need the federal government to imagine authority to control drug economies? If we consent to the federal government assuming this authority, underneath what circumstances can we consent? ….necessary dialogue that should occur in session with individuals who use medication! [](

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