5-MeO-MiPT (moxy) Trip report
So i’ve been a very long time lurker on this sub, there’s an excessive amount of data on most medication so i’ve by no means felt the necessity to make a visit report. Some time in the past i took curiosity in 5-MeO-MiPT and 6-apb however i couldnt discover a lot journey reviews so i made a decision it was lastly time to make one myself. This report will likely be showcasing a low dose of moxy by itself, and that i plan to flip it with 6apb within the close to future M/1,80/80kg I began out with making an answer since i did not have an correct sufficient scale to weigh out 6mg. I purchased 40mg from a vendor, my scale got here out at 42mg so im assuming that is about proper. I combined the moxy with 40ml of rum (40%) to make an answer +/- 1mg/ml. T:00:00 i take out 6ml of the moxy and my common rum and make cocktail with it, that is the one alcohol i devour this night T:00:15 Already really feel my arms tingling a little bit, slight little bit of physique load T:00:30 Temperature regulation is off, really feel scorching after which moments later chilly, stimulation is current. I begin gaming and listening to music T:01:00 Had a second the place the physique load was fairly robust however overal very manageable. Slight psychedelic results like on a small dose of LSD however far more stimulation and a slight little bit of euphoria. Would very very like this at a rave. Give up gaming as a result of i positively misplaced my aggressive edge at this level. T:01:30 Muscle rigidity, Within the temper for speaking, nonetheless fairly clear headed with a psychedelic edge, laborious to take a seat nonetheless. Tactile enhancement Is available in waves. I dont really feel like i’ve peaked but however this is likely to be as a result of low dose. Debating wheter to throw in some ketamine. T:01:45 Actually Good euphoria. Like a low dose mdma. Having fun with my techno set like no different, im undecided the Neighbours like me at this level. I really feel very sharp, in contrast to some other psychedelic ive taken earlier than. T:01:50 someway managed to win a sport of rocket League and rating three objectives T:02:00 The primary 1 hour 20 min felt very “foggy” however this peak is absolutely clearheaded. Had a tough week at work and eventough that is fairly stimulating that is definately serving to me wind down. Tactile enhancement ever current. T:02:15 completely misplaced it at this Man attempting to pour Orange juice and lacking: https://youtu.be/EM5TawrIsRQ T:03;00 had a dialog with a mate and acquired sucked into it, nice discuss. Elevated empathy is current. T:03;15 really feel coming down ever so barely however the stimulation continues T:04;00 bodily stimulation is declining however the psychedelic results preserve going T:05:00 solely the psychedelic impact is lively at this level at about 50% of the height i’d say T:06:00 Drained, i attempt to sleep however i cant. t:07:00 round this time i fell asleep. Slept for 7 hours and not likely feeling any comedown the Day after. Total i’d say that is very very pleasant on the peak. The comeup is type of tough but it surely kicks in moderately quick. The comedown type of made me really feel Awkward so i hope when i flip it with 6-apb will probably be much less Awkward. I used to be very impressed with this substance and for now its fairly excessive up my record.

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