3-cpm first experience, No stimulant anxiety, and similar to 3-fpm, good for productivity
Sorry this isnt a really detailed or managed experiment however with the entire lack of experiences with this substance I believed id allow you to guys know Tldr: it is a good relaxed stimulant with a little bit of euphoria much like 3-fpm , vapes good. No stimulant nervousness. so i received some 3-cpm immediately, **PHARMACOLOGY** trying on the receptor affinities The three-FPM has an EC50 for DA launch of 43nM and an EC50 for NE launch of 30nM. It additionally has an EC50 for serotonin launch of 2558nM indicating negligible 5-HT launch. In the identical patent, the 3-chloro spinoff is recognized as having an EC50 for DA, NE and 5-HT launch of 27nM, 75nM and 301nM, respectively. So it must be stronger at releasing dopamine, much less norepinephrine, and extra serotonin. **EXPERIENCE** I attempted a bit immediately (i used to be already on a little bit of 3-fpm) however it offers a whole lot of focus, however actually no nervousness. I’m VERY liable to nervousness on any stims and 3-cpm, and 3-fpm each dont give me any. It is also euphoric however not a lot that it interferes with productiveness or makes me act “completely different”. Ive accomplished in all probability 20 completely different stimulants and 3-cpm and 3-fpm are my favourite. I feel its stronger than 3-fpm, however with me being on each on the similar time i Cant make sure. I put like 30-60mg of 3-cpm in an oil burner and it vaped fairly clear and offers a lowkey however nice head rush and euphoria, largely all within the head, not a lot perephrial stimulation. If i may examine it to some other stims ive accomplished it will be dextroamphetamine however these phenmetrazine analogues definetly are extra relaxed and lowkey. Its extra lowkey and relaxed than common amphetamines, and whereas its not as robust, the dearth of hysteria makes it extra leisure for me. 3-fpm and 3-cpm are actually the one stims that might be leisure, all of the others give me a whole lot of nervousness. **DRUG TEST** I took an at residence drug check eight hrs after and the road on AMPHETAMINE, meth, and mdma is tremendous tremendous faint, in all probability a fail. IMG-20210329-211049020-HDR IMG-20210329-211042382-HDR Oddly sufficient 12 hours after beginning use of 3-fpm and 3-cpm I took one other at residence check and it appears to be like unfavorable for the whole lot, I used to be extra hydrated, right here is the outcomes IMG-20210330-002143825 IMG-20210330-002131664-MP I am going to take one other drug check tomorrow and replace you guys. As a result of 3-fpm, 3-cpm is the one doable dopamine releaser that feels superior nice recessional worth thats far sufficient away from amphetamine that it presumably will not come up. Sorry for the shitty expertise i threw collectively however with the ignorance on this substance It could be helpful to a few of you. After a number of days when I’ve extra expertise I can provide extra element or in case you have any questions be at liberty to let me know.

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