WARNING: Very bad quality lysergamide blotters on the market (1P-LSD, 1cP-MIPLA, 1cP-AL-LAD, LSZ) - detailed LCMS analysis
That is necessary however lengthy so TLDR under if you do not have time. Firstly, I’m an natural chemist (and one thing of a psychonaut) with entry to an honest suite of analytics (GCMS, LCMS, NMR and so on). Secondly, there are some rumours that there are ‘faux’ lysergamide blotters circulating. I felt inclined to do an experiment with a few of our favorite molecules, the lysergamides! 1P-LSD, 1cP-MIPLA, LSZ and 1cP-AL-LAD blotters used on this check had been bought from a single vendor – the reported faux/counterfeit blotters. This vendor doesn’t have the very best monitor document (though they’re one of many bigger distributors), and it was curious that they had been certainly providing blotters with a special design [see images below] in comparison with those everyone knows and belief from the principle lysergamide lab [see images below]. This, coupled with a curious e-newsletter the principle lysergamide lab revealed just a few months again (extra on that later), received my chemistry senses tingling much more and led me to do a correct investigation. [https://imgur.com/a/nPFp2ts](https://imgur.com/a/nPFp2ts) [https://imgur.com/OD53Mob](https://imgur.com/OD53Mob) **Experiment** The samples had been ready by taking two blotters of every product and reducing into tiny slithers (round 30-50 per blotter). These had been added to an LCMS vial and lined with methanol (round 1.5ml) earlier than sonication for 1-2 hrs. The sonication course of ensures environment friendly blotter extraction. Methanol was chosen since all of the compounds are pretty effectively soluble in it. [https://imgur.com/Xq7asPU](https://imgur.com/Xq7asPU) The methanol extract was then transferred to contemporary LCMS vials by filtering by means of a 0.22µm syringe filter to take away any particles. [https://imgur.com/YO5Rwea](https://imgur.com/YO5Rwea) Every product was processed in the very same method, such that I had separate vials of methanol extract containing check samples of 1P-LSD, 1cP-MIPLA, LSZ and 1cP-AL-LAD. Moreover, I had two methanol extracted reference blotter samples of 1P-LSD and 1cP-AL-LAD from blotters bought from the principle lysergamide producer. These samples had been then run on a 2019 mannequin Perkin Elmer LCMS instrument (technically it’s LC-UV-MS) operating Epower software program for information evaluation/interpretation. The column put in is a reasonably first rate Dr Maisch C18 5µm 150mm column. Eluent system A is 0.1% formic acid in water and B is 0.1% formic acid in acetonitrile (I selected an acidic system to forestall hydrolysis of the N-acyl teams). The tactic was a reasonably customary binary gradient going from 90% A to 10% A over 23 minutes after which the gradient was held at 10% A for an extra 2 minutes. Elution movement fee was 1ml/min. Wavelengths measured had been 245nm to 380nm, together with a maxplot of wavelengths. If extra particulars are wanted right here, I can increase. After information acquisition was full, I interpreted the info. For NH lysergamides (LSZ solely on this case), 313nm provides probably the most dependable response. For N-acyl lysergamides (the remainder), 292nm provides probably the most dependable response. I selected these wavelengths attributable to my prior expertise with them and ergolines. Please see the annotated chromatograms under. I’ve built-in peaks the very best I can, given the state of some samples, and I’ve tried to make it clear which peak corresponds to which product (the place that may be elucidated). [https://imgur.com/mw2ph2P](https://imgur.com/mw2ph2P) [https://imgur.com/AGPeeDA](https://imgur.com/AGPeeDA) [https://imgur.com/esg0zVJ](https://imgur.com/esg0zVJ) [https://imgur.com/0A3ObRy](https://imgur.com/0A3ObRy) [https://imgur.com/0WNruW3](https://imgur.com/0WNruW3) [https://imgur.com/vAiqpNe](https://imgur.com/vAiqpNe) **Breakdown of the outcomes** 1cP-AL-LAD 150mcg blotters: by far the dirtiest pattern examined. I couldn’t even combine all of the peaks in any other case the chromatogram would change into illegible. At greatest, the blotters comprise roughly 52% 1cP-AL-LAD (in all probability a lot much less if I received all of the baseline peaks as effectively). The remaining is iso-1cP-AL-LAD and different unknown impurities. LSZ 150mcg blotters: additionally fairly soiled. The most important product is roughly 72% trans-LSZ (we don’t know in regards to the S/R configuration although), different impurities embrace inactive or at the least considerably much less energetic isomers resembling cis-LSZ, iso-cis-LSZ, iso-trans-LSZ. 1cP-MIPLA 200mcg blotters: pretty soiled as effectively. Main product is roughly 78% 1cP-MIPLA nevertheless it nonetheless accommodates 20% of iso-1cP-MIPLA and one other 1.5% of unidentifiable impurities. 1P-LSD 100mcg blotters: pretty soiled as effectively. Main product is roughly 78% 1P-LSD nevertheless it nonetheless accommodates 18% of iso-1P-LSD. 1% LSD and a couple of.5% of unidentifiable impurities. Most concerningly, these blotters comprise 1% LSD which can imply they’re technically unlawful just about in every single place. Now for the reference samples by our good associates (the tried-and-true blotters available on the market and those most distributors nonetheless provide); 1P-LSD 100mcg reference blotter: very clear, nearly a single peak. Pattern composed of >99% 1P-LSD and a negligible hint of iso-1P-LSD. 1cP-AL-LAD 150mcg reference blotter: very clear, nearly a single peak. Pattern composed of >99% 1cP-AL-LAD and a negligible amount of unidentifiable impurities. **In abstract** The dangerous high quality blotters do actually deserve the ‘faux’ tag, on the very least attributable to the truth that they may comprise much less energetic compound than marketed because of the impurities. It’s clear that the producer has not made any effort to separate the isomers fashioned throughout synthesis – lots of which have been reported to trigger abdomen cramps/discomfort and fuel. Moreover, there are massive portions of unidentifiable impurities in lots of samples which may make (particularly common) consumption hazardous. Lysergamide chemistry is actually fairly an artwork/ache within the ass and acquiring pure product takes ability, persistence and motivation. It’s clear to me that this producer is simply taking shortcuts to make fast revenue. If he cared in regards to the customers, he wouldn’t serve this unpurified crude product – mainly a half-baked cockroach pie! I hope my experiment was clear sufficient for you. I feel this gorgeous a lot sums it up. Purchase trash blotters, obtain trash product. I can be sticking with the blotters provided by the unique lysergamide producers. I recommend others do the identical! Additionally, in case you’re questioning if the isomer could possibly be produced by the pattern preparation process or analytical approach; that’s the reason I used the reference blotters below the very same situations. No isomerisation with the reference blotters signifies that the isomers recognized within the check samples can’t be a results of the pattern preparation course of or analytical approach. Now, my last phrases. Earlier, I discussed that there was a e-newsletter revealed by the principle lysergamide lab, and this was one of many causes that I launched into this experiment. Sadly, I can’t publish all the things they stated right here, however they wrote about an ex-employee that had gone rogue, executed the soiled on them and stolen their molecules and synthesis procedures. I’m making an informed guess that this individual is identical one making these poor high quality lysergamide blotters and promoting them to an unscrupulous vendor. All of it matches completely; the time scales (since that e-newsletter), the shady vendor getting on board and the rumours of bunk/weak blotters. TLDR: There are actually dodgy lysergamide blotters available on the market. Purchase legit lysergamide blotters with the traditional print on them (see photograph above) and higher but, stick with distributors on the retailer listing on the producer’s web site. It isn’t out of the query that we may even see the identical low-quality merchandise (and presumably extra to comply with) on similar blotter designs, i.e. full imitations of the unique merchandise, which is one more reason to solely purchase from the trusted retailers. Any questions, please fireplace away! **Observe: Please don’t message me asking for vendor particulars, I received’t give them. It’s towards the principles!** EDIT: Steve from [isomerdesign.com](https://isomerdesign.com) very thoughtfully edited my submit into a way more presentable [PDF format](https://pdfhost.io/v/qq9z.MDx6_Bad_blotter_reportpdf.pdf). Thanks Steve on your assist and help through the years! [https://pdfhost.io/v/qq9z.MDx6_Bad_blotter_reportpdf.pdf](https://pdfhost.io/v/qq9z.MDx6_Bad_blotter_reportpdf.pdf)

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