New unregulated anandamide analogs (CB1 receptor agonists)
I used to be studying about endocannabinoids and got here throughout a few anandamide analogs. These are analogs of the principle endogenous cannabinoid present in people. They’re selective for CB1 receptors, the one which will get you excessive, and needs to be utterly unregulated. I am pondering you would need to eat them orally, not smoked. There’s additionally this one, which is endogenous, not an analog: Nevertheless, the final one is an agonist at TRPV1 receptors, which might trigger undesirable negative effects. It has many potential medical advantages and causes animals to get stoned although. I do not know something concerning the bioavailability of those apart from that they can be utilized intraperitonially (not attainable in people.) This means they may very well be injected in an applicable automobile, however I do not know in the event that they can be utilized orally. Just a few meals for thought

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