Does anyone else get tired of commenting about and correcting people about harm reduction?
I attempt to assist as many inexperienced customers as I can on numerous subreddits. The quantity of straight up irresponsible and harmful “recommendation” I see frustrates the hell out of me. I simply noticed two individuals touch upon a submit the place somebody asks for suggestions for a 2c-b dose for his or her very first psychedelic expertise and each of them beneficial 40-60mg. That recommendation is insane and outright harmful. These have been the one two feedback on the submit. It sickens me that the OP would possibly solely take these feedback as dosing recommendation after which be utterly overwhelmed and freak out or worse. If you happen to kind by new on this subreddit or r/medicine or r/psychonaut you’ll see these type of posts and this type of harmful recommendation on a regular basis. It’s so irritating that some individuals don’t have the widespread sense or means to analysis the medicine they plan on taking by means of assets like psychonaughtwiki. I get satisfaction by doubtlessly serving to individuals not make the identical errors I’ve made and hopefully scale back struggling and hurt. However man it’s so disheartening and saddening to see a lot harmful recommendation being thrown round. Edit: Since this submit has gained some consideration I’ll go away some fundamental hurt discount and security measures anybody ingesting medicine ought to observe. 1) Purchase a fucking scale. A Gemini-20 is lower than $40 and can final you years for those who deal with it. If you happen to’re eyeballing medicine you then shouldn’t be taking medicine. 2) Dont take an nameless stranger’s recommendation on Reddit as Gospel. It’s nice to have the ability to talk about medicine and drug experiences on right here, however there are significantly better methods to resolve what dose you must take than to ask full strangers who could possibly be youngsters with none precise expertise. Go to [Psychonaughtwiki ]( or [Tripsit]( 3) Begin with an allergy take a look at of each new compound and batch you intend on ingesting. That is extra to verify the seller didn’t by accident ship you a potent opioid or benzo rather than a stimulant or one thing. Ideally it’s good to ship your medicine right into a lab to have them GCMS’ed to be completely sure you’ve gotten what you assume you’ve gotten, however on the very least purchase some reagents and use them to have the ability to remove what your chemical isn’t. 4) Even for those who’re sure you’ve gotten X compound. Begin low and work your manner up with any new drug. They impact everybody in a different way and also you by no means understand how your physique and thoughts will react to one thing. Life is lengthy, there isn’t a have to rush into the deep finish with any drug when you may simply as simply work your manner up slowly. 5) set and settting is clearly so essential it cannot be understated. However the quantity of journey experiences I see the place the OP is tripping with strangers or in public is ridiculous or they only had an extended bender on a stimulant then resolve to take LSD. Journey in a secure and comfy setting with individuals you belief once you’re in a superb temper mentally. If you happen to’re anxious about tripping then don’t do it that day. Wait. Psychedelics will at all times be round.

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