4-HO-DiPT (45+ mg's insufflated) - Visited by a Egyptian Goddess
Final night time was fairly bizarre. I needed to journey as I barely have time now days, so I made a decision to whip out some 4-HO-DiPT. I began by insufflating about 25 mg’s, however I waited 15 minutes later and nothing was occurring so I snorted about 20 mg’s extra and like 10 mg’s of 4-HO-EPT. I used to be ready and ready however it wasn’t actually affecting me. 10-15 minutes later I am being engulfed by heavy power. I can really feel every little thing and it is weighing closely on my physique. I made a decision to do some power work and sit on my mattress and meditate. I began releasing adverse power by way of burping and felt a really heavy power weighing on my neck and again. As I begin meditating I begin specializing in my third eye every little thing is vibrating. I can really feel a flutter of power in my brow. I begin to consider a verse from the Nag Hammadi scriptures “If you make the 2 into one, and the outer just like the interior…” (That is mainly a verse that alludes to merging your masculine and female indicators into one to achieve a better degree of consciousness.) I deal with my brow much more and every little thing is flowing easily power smart. I stored asking the universe for non secular freedom In order I begin to do this in my peripherals I see a cat like statue in my peripherals. It is watching me. It type’ve spooked me, however for some purpose I used to be welcoming it. I turned my head to have a look at it and it disappears into nothingness. I deal with my third eye once more and it presents itself once more. I see it higher and it [looks like this](https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/photographs/I/81syKaJLDGL._AC_SL1500_.jpg) I notice it is a Egyptian Goddess. Trying it up later it seems to be Bast, who can defend towards evil spirits. Anyway I stored making an attempt to activate my third eye, however it did not occur, guess it isn’t the time. I do have decrease dimensional beings that lurk round my home. They used to feed of of my adverse power, after I was closely depressed and utilizing stims/benzos/weed, however ever since I been bettering my life/changing into sober they do not have something they feed off of. I see them attempt to manipulate the bodily realm to try to scare me, however it does not work. The weirdest factor is that the nook that I noticed the Egyptian Goddess in I’ve a mini shrine devoted to Mary (The Sacred Female), however I awakened immediately and [the picture in the frame had moved.](https://imgur.com/a/cauGzlM) I am uncertain what precipitated this image to be moved whereas it was in a body. I could not sleep until 3. I nonetheless really feel heavy power in my neck and again. I really feel as if I am actually near having a non secular awakening, as a few years of preparation have been taken. Many lifetimes. Anways, that was only a bizarre journey I had, thought I’d share as I am nonetheless making an attempt to make sense of it. What was I visited by?

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