"2-FDCK " experience, 1st time, did a LOT of dumb shit :/
choose me all you need, however possibly give me an concept of WTF I used to be on? received 500mg of what I used to be instructed was 2-FK. sure, I AM FUCKING DUMB, I did not check it. I did hella dumb shit. once I stop doing medication yrs in the past, I researched the fuck out of any meds I used to be prescribed, and stated: “if I ever do medication once more IMMA TEST THAT SHIT!” however yeah, no, not up to now. >_> I’ve by no means as soon as examined medication apart from by taking them. <_< anyway many of the data I discovered about it was largely from right here: [https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/2-Fluorodeschloroketamine](https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/2-Fluorodeschloroketamine) if the data on that web site is correct, then I am unsure it was actually 2FDCK. BUT, a whole lot of occasions I’ve atypical reactions to most medicines I am prescribed,(and I have been on fucktons of meds) so it is exhausting to say, simply by the way it affected me. 10-15mg – zero results. (btw- I am 120lbs, f) 30-40 mg – speedy, felt good, form of like lil little bit of meth, but in addition felt drunk n stoned. solely doses I took final evening. I had a fairly respectable time. took about 120mg in complete, over a couple of hrs. received aid from melancholy, did not wish to kill myself anymore (which is why I used to be taking it, to see if it helped, cuz I am excited about going to a ket clinic) however every dose solely lasted 30-45 minutes, which appeared bizarre (I do have a quick metabolism tho) however I did not sleep AT ALL (typical, received unhealthy insomnia) final evening, so within the morning, I stupidly determined to take extra. (felt like CRAP from not sleeping, as I at all times do) took 140mg, felt rlly good for an hour. laid in mattress listening to music. 2 hrs later, felt unhealthy once more, indignant, took small benzo dose (have a excessive tolerance), then an hr later, took 240mg (which, ought to have had a WAY stronger impact, I assumed) and based on my log I used to be very depressed/suicidal previous to dosing. I do not rlly bear in mind a TON of what occurred, however fairly positive it was a curler coaster of feelings, crying, laughing like a maniac, not caring about something in any respect, pondering every part was humorous, feeling like every part was gona b okay, n I used to be one with the universe, having nervousness different occasions, feeling nothing mattered in any respect, I bear in mind trying within the mirror and pondering I regarded like a stranger( additionally had small, however not pinpoint pupils), having a tough time shifting, (not as unhealthy as excessive dose DPH) however the entire time, if music was taking part in I felt fairly good (tho sure music gave me nervousness) felt like I may move out all the time, however by no means did. on account of stupidly telling ppl I did this, who instructed different ppl who received pissed AF at me, I ended up not feeling that nice and it took a number of hours to really feel regular once more, felt simply rlly dumb (nicely, dumber) and exhausting to assume, felt bizarre, forwards and backwards apathetic and anxious. as soon as I felt “sober” once more I used to be rlly unhappy for some time cuz ppl have been mad at me and I simply felt actually fucking dumb (cuz I used to be) which made me really feel worse. now it is the night, I really feel okay. anyway, I do know, I used to be fucking silly as shit, am now getting reagents, lol. any concepts wtf I was on?? ._.

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