Yellow 1cP-LSD blotters tested with GCMS analysis
There have been fairly a couple of posts through the years about discolouration on 1P, and extra not too long ago, 1cP-LSD blotters, with numerous claims and hypothesis about such blotters having degraded and even being poisonous. Hopefully these issues may be put to relaxation with this submit. I’m fortunate to have a buddy who’s a lab technician at a reliable lab, and he agreed to confirm whether or not the yellow shade on a current batch of 1cP reveals up in GCMS evaluation. It’s fascinating to notice that the discolouration is particularly seen on one facet, which in keeping with the manufacturing lab might be a results of the sheets being dried with the textual content facet up. Remember the fact that that is evaluation is considerably uncommon, as substances are usually GCMS examined of their crystal kind and never when already on blotter, however right here is the way it was achieved: Ten notably yellow blotters from a current batch had been reduce into tiny items, put in a flask, lined with methanol and suspended in an ultrasonic bathtub for extraction. This was repeated a number of occasions with extra methanol, mixed after which diminished on a rotavap to pay attention the filtrate earlier than injecting into the GCMS. Beneath are photographs with the outcomes of this evaluation. As you’ll be able to see, the main product is 1cP-LSD (391.2 g/mol). There are not any identifiable degradation merchandise or different ergoline molecules. Solely the baseline is somewhat messy as a result of poor sign to noise ratio and another contaminants on the column (undecane and DCK). Regardless of the yellow is, it’s current in tiny portions. [1cP-LSD sheets]( [yellow 1cP blotter]( [blotter pieces]( [flask with methanol]( [flask after final extraction]( [flask in ultrasonic bath]( [filtrate in GCMS vial]( [GCMS spectra](

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8 thoughts on “Yellow 1cP-LSD blotters examined with GCMS evaluation”
  1. Love ur posts. Aren’t you the fella who submitted a letter from a company reciting their FAQ on discoloration and degradation? I recall reading somewhere there was a UV test matched with the degradation ratio of said molecule for such study.

  2. Do you have mass spectra for the peaks at 22.2 and 23.1 minutes? Indeed, whatever it is, it’s a tiny peak compared to what is presumably 1-CP-LSD showing at 24.1 minutes.

  3. Had some 1cp in the mail this week, my entire sheet was discoloured with a yellow tinge. Seems to be the norm for the batch.

  4. >Only the baseline is a little messy due to poor signal to noise ratio and some other contaminants on the column (undecane and DCK)


    >undecane and DCK

    DCK, as in “Deschloroketamin” – the RC drug?!

    And “Undecane” as in “Undecane” the stuff that is marked with the symbol for substances hazardous to the human health as implemented by the GHS?


    Am I missing something or does this not match your claim of eliminating any concerns reagarding the discolouration?



    Do these kind of discolorations appear on “regular”/street acid blotters? Or blotters bought from the dark web?

    Seems not to though, otherwise this phenomenon should be demystified already I guess..

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