Most likely second report of HXE. Boofal ingestion.
Threshold: waste Mild: waste Frequent: waste Sturdy: waste Heavy: waste *** Onset: 5-10 min Comeup: 10-20 min Peak: 30-40 min It is worse than snorted for certain. *** *** *** Soooo… I’ve thrown 100mg HXE in a vial, poured a little bit of anhydrous acetone in it, shaked very well and poured via a espresso filter. Left for a few minutes to dry. Was left with 14mg of product :/ It might be that it is partially souluble in acetone (is it even doable? xD), my filters aren’t one of the best (I’ve used them for amphetamine acetone wash and labored good however it has additionally been an enormous quantity so it is doable that I’ve misplaced some resulting from that) or I do not know, however I am not proud of the consequence. The 14mg are going as much as my butt in a minute. It is 15:13 and it is in. It did not dissolve in water in any respect – have I simply plugged 14mg of impurities? It did not odor like something. I’ve discarded the acteone instantly :/ 15:19 One thing? I’ve additionally sniffed powder off my fingers which offered me some dissociation however I do not suppose that I really feel the boof. 15:22 Nothing? I am getting ready 15mg of the “unpurified” product now. I wish to really feel it, come on. 15:29 So I do really feel one thing however on the extent of yesterdays 5mg or so. Might my tolerance be so excessive simply because I’ve performed dissos yesterday? Or simply the sniff? 15:34 Sure okay it did hit me, nothing particular, just a few dissocioation. I’ve really felt one thing like a brainzap? Two waves of electrical energy on the left facet of my head. I am fairly certain that the consequences are from what I’ve snorted off my fingers. Let’s extra of boof the stuff. 15:43 It did not dissolve in water in any respect (15mg in 0.8ml) and I am now looking at a syringe stuffed with milky-sand-water and tiny chunks of one thing. 15:54 “Resolution” is in. 16:07 I am positively feeling it coming. 16:22 Aaaaand that is it. Im now on the extent of yesterdays 15mg snorted (5mg+10mg 20minutes later). 16:40 So Ive used 1ml water for 20mg of HXE, put it in a vial and the vial in a scorching batch. Stirred vigorously for like 5 min, it didn’t dissolve in any respect. []( []( 16:50 I do really feel it hitting me. The day is gorgeous even with out medication so I do not know the way robust. Barely extra dissociated, nothing particular typically. I used to be anticipating extra from my ass, feeling of betrayal is crawling on my cheeks. However hey, the dissociation remains to be going, let’s not lose the hope. 16:57 Stronger. The issue is that it did not dissolve in any respect. Possibly it can hit me a bit later, let’s wait. If not I am performed with it as we speak and can do some pretty DCK as a substitute. 17:03 Okay I do really feel good, I’ve to confess. It is approach higher than pervious trials however now I am certain that boofing it is not the way in which. 17:23 That is it, nothing extra. I do know that these have been (in response to my earlier report) mild dosages however I hoped for one thing extra spectacular. I used to be ready to write down that i really feel BOOFASTIC however fuck me – no, I really feel disenchanted. xD Oral report possibly tomorrow.

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