Most likely first report of HXE. Nasal ingestion.
I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT THAT THIS IS ONLY MY EXPERIENCE AND ITS THE VERY FIRST TIME I’M TAKING THIS CHEM THEREFORE I SUSPECT SOME EXCTITATION AND PLACEBO INVOLVED. ALSO – DOSAGES ARE ACCORDING TO THIS ONLY ONE EXPERIENCE, ALWAYS START LOW ​ Threshold: 5mg Gentle: 10-30mg Widespread: ??? Sturdy: ??? Heavy: ??? ​ *** Onset: 5-10 min Comeup: 10-20 min Peak: 30-40 min Offset: ??? Whole length of “pleasure” is IMO about an hour with mild dissociation for idk how lengthy, nonetheless coming down. 15:10 Sniffing 5mg of HXE. Smells like pickles, in all probability synthesis impurities. Is it attainable to acetone wash it? Properly at this second I do not care, I simply need to take the drug. 15:16 Tingling sensation on my head (typical disso impact for me) with some impartial dissociation 15:20 Comes up reasonably slowly, does not hit you want a prepare. Not less than at this dose. 15:40 Seems to be like the height. Dosing 10mg extra. [Hopsin – Picasso – YouTube]( oh my gawd this shit is superior. Bass in t is method higher than sober. It has clearly hit me now. Nothing sturdy however music FEELS improbable. Up to now very nice. [Cypress Hill – L.I.F.E. (Lyrics) – YouTube]( superior superior 16:03 Okay I am achieved with rap, let’s hearken to one thing totally different. That redose did not hit me a lot stronger than the preliminary dose. [System Of A Down – Chop Suey! (Official Video) – YouTube]( yeah bro, melancholic rollercoaster with my head bouncing and tears dripping. [Zaratustra Trio – Bella Ciao – YouTube]( violin in right here sounds actually heavenly [Fantastic Negrito – Plastic Hamburgers (Official Video) – YouTube]( I am like stimmed, however in a great way, it feels kinda pure, jogs my memory of a psychedelic afterglow. 16:25 20mg redose 17:07  Okay so now I am dissocioated (lastly) however nothing too sturdy. It feels just like the efficiency is on the extent of DMXE, perhaps weaker. 17:24 I really feel method much less dissociated than earlier than however undoubtedly nonetheless there. Let’s go for one more 20mg. 18:12 It undoubtedly lacks some funk IMO nevertheless it’s good typically. I’ve but to do this with films and different ROA’s. Feels just like DMXE with much less heat and funk however extra hmmm… performance? I can do stuff on it but when I lay down I am SO FUCKING RELAXED MATE. 18:30 Psychological dissociation is nearly fully gone, bodily nonetheless current however on a decrease degree. * * * It is 20:39 now and im nonetheless dissociated. Not a lot nevertheless it’s nonetheless noticeable. I’ve dosed 10mg extra at 18:45 in an try and immerse in “Sherlock” nevertheless it did not labored out. Completely-not-immersive at these doses. At the moment I in all probability will not dose anymore so subsequent report/replace will probably be tomorrow. Btw. I at present have no disso tolerance, cannot bear in mind when was the final time I’ve dissoed to someplace.

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