Lysergamide structures side-by-side chart for quick comparison (simplified)
[Common lysergamides]( Making an attempt to rapidly examine lysergamide constructions on-line is irritating. There are too many variations/methods to attract constructions that make it troublesome to match one to a different. For that reason, I oriented these in the identical approach for max consistency. Whether or not the stereochemistry continues to be appropriate I have no idea, however so long as there aren’t any gross inaccuracies, I hope this overview may be helpful to some individuals on the market. For additional simplicity I additionally eliminated the ‘d’ from d-lysergic acid diethylamide. I hope it is alright to say it’s implied, as are CH3 teams for instance, however perhaps precise chemists can weigh in on this. Suggestions is welcome and valued! edit: holy flip! thanks for the awards guys! 😀 edit 2: mounted lacking double bond on LSD and ETH-LAD construction edit 3: added LSZ

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