Lab-Tests (January 2021): Results for LSZ, 5-MeO-DMT, 3-MEC and 4-FA.
**Outcomes:** **LSZ**: I used to be pleasantly stunned to see LSZ on the market (and that for comparatively low-cost) so I obtained a couple of 150ug blotters from a well known clearnet vendor. I then had one in every of these tabs analyzed to confirm its legitimacy and it really got here again as *lysergic acid 2,4-dimethylazetidide*. End result: *anticipated:* LSZ (n.q.) *sudden:* – Image: —————————————————————————— **5-MeO-DMT**: I not too long ago stumbled throughout u/DMTrott’s put up about his pretend 5-MeO-DMT (I do know his result’s a few years outdated) and thought I ought to have my pattern examined as properly. It was acquired from the identical NL supply because the LSZ. End result: *anticipated:* 5-MeO-DMT (n.q. exactly, however of excessive purity) *sudden:* – Image: (not the unique packaging) —————————————————————————— **3-MEC**: Moreover, I had a pattern of alleged 3-MEC from a Polish vendor analyzed and it turned out to be a distinct cathinone. End result: *anticipated:* – *sudden:* 3-CEC (n.q.) **WARNING: Keep away from shopping for and consuming “3-MEC” for those who suspect to have the identical supply as me.** I don’t have an image of it as a result of I threw it away instantly. It was a snowy white, fluffy powder paying homage to icing sugar. —————————————————————————— **4-FA**: Lastly, I had a pattern of darknet 4-FA examined (please, don’t spam my DMs!) that was obtained in December and the consequence was fairly first rate. End result: *anticipated:* 985mg/g 4-fluoroamphetamine (purity: 98.5%) *sudden:* – Image: (not the unique packaging) **WARNING: u/Averagee_ had a pattern of his 4-FA powder (obtained in October from the identical supply) lab-tested by Saferparty in Switzerland and obtained a very totally different consequence!** **End result: anticipated: -** **sudden: 3,4,5-trimethoxyamphetamine (TMA) (n.q.)** **Fortunately, TMA has a comparable efficiency to 4-FA, nevertheless it might nonetheless be very disagreeable to journey when anticipating a roll! This DN vendor has since adressed the difficulty and admitted to the mix-up. Please watch out and at all times take a look at your substances, regardless of how respected the supply is!! Errors can at all times occur!** —————————————————————————— These analyses had been carried out by ChEckiT! via UHPLC-DAD-MS (Extremely-Excessive-Efficiency Liquid Chromatography, Diode-Array Detection, Mass Spectrometry) in Vienna (Austria). As a few of it’s possible you’ll know from my earlier posts, ChEckiT! solely contains sudden or in any other case worrysome test-results of their month-to-month warnings. I known as them and so they advised me my outcomes over the telephone, which is why there’s no public supply out there. The sudden consequence for “3-MEC” has been included in [ChEckiT’s current warnings]( Keep protected! Edit: Grammar and formatting

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