Question about 2-methyl-AP-237 usage, plus some (hopefully) helpful notes from my experience with it, accidental overdose.
**Query:** I went via a few gram of these items some time again, I did not use it *tremendous* typically however I noticed that well being issues arose in some individuals with minimal utilization and I did use just a little greater than I want to admit (see beneath for more information). I used to be simply questioning if anybody thinks I’ve cause to be involved in any respect about my kidneys/coronary heart, and if I ought to contemplate getting any exams achieved. I really feel as wholesome as I did previous to taking the compound however I additionally acknowledge that how one feels might be deceptive. I’m not too fearful however I’ll admit, being a hypochondriac I do have a bit of tension. Are we conscious of if the well being issues arose from a selected batch or if it is simply a problem with the compound itself? I kinda doubt we all know for certain, however any information is useful. I’ve had an unrelated electrocardiogram since then and it got here again effective, and I’ve an echocardiogram scheduled as nicely so I suppose my foremost query is that if I ought to contemplate getting my kidneys or another organs checked. **Notes from my expertise:** **First the way it felt bodily:** In a phrase, it felt poisonous. The causticity was excessive and off-putting and this mixed with the disgusting scent/style made me willingly restrict my utilization greater than I’d with different opioids, though I used it extra typically than different opioids I felt you would need to pressure me at gunpoint when you wished me to constantly use it each day. When swallowed it gave me a abdomen ache fairly constantly. When snorted it burnt severely even in portions below 10mg, this saved me from snorting it typically. Even the next day after snorting small quantities my nostril felt horrible and I used to be paranoid I’d get a sinus an infection. I did discover it made my coronary heart price enhance just a little bit when ingested and that involved me as I might by no means heard of that occuring on an opioid. It might make my coronary heart absolutely race once I stood up, even generally the day after utilization though a few of this was positively anxiousness. On the absolute top of my utilization I used two/three doses a day for about three days straight, more often than not I might wait no less than every week between utilization however there have been positively occasions I used a bit extra incessantly. Oddly, the off-putting nature of the substance made me idiotically really feel okay with breaking a few of my guidelines relating to opioid habit prevention. With oxy or another opioid I’d with out exception wait 2 weeks between utilization however as a result of I hated ingesting this I felt habit wasn’t a priority. On the times I did use I often redosed twice for a complete of three doses. I used to be additionally utilizing 2-FMA pretty incessantly at this level however I solely mixed them as soon as, or no less than solely as soon as in a method that I felt it was a alternative and was not achieved out of urgency. When mixed, my coronary heart price spiked additional and I prevented combining them after this. I do not know tips on how to describe it however typically when utilizing this compound my eyes and imaginative and prescient felt bizarre. I skilled the “[blue field entopic phenomenon](” even when taking a look at only a wall, this involved me as nicely. I examined the pH with an uncalibrated however possible considerably correct pH probe, it got here out to a barely acidic 5.4. It burnt my tongue even leaving a sore spot and mark in concentrations of solely 5mg/mL. At this focus it struggled to dissolve in water. I attempted combining with each citric acid and with baking soda, neither brought about any fuel to evolve. By way of it is precise results, I wrote about them extra on one other put up, however in abstract I can say it was akin to oxy in its really feel however extra sedating. Some I do know made comparisons to heroin, I’ve by no means tried it so I am unable to again them up however to me it was how I might think about non-IV heroin would really feel primarily based on others descriptions and the way individuals round me regarded. It fully slumped me and from the skin I in all probability regarded like a multitude. It was often extremely sedating however generally paradoxically stimulating. It was the primary substance to make me truly nod, one thing even excessive dose oxy and hydro could not obtain. I loved the general results, simply not the bodily emotions. Additionally, it had an odd dose curve, 15mg made me really feel little, 20mg made me really feel good, 25mg had me nodding and puking. Between 20 and 25mg was my candy spot, however when you do find yourself taking this (which I do not suggest) please titrate up. I noticed some individuals suggest 50mg with no tolerance, and I am assured that may have me near demise. This does recommend a really robust variation in the way it results individuals and you will not know when you’re overly delicate till it is too late. **ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSE:** I imagine these things virtually killed me as a result of a really very silly and easy mistake I beat myself up over to today. I had two labeled baggies out, one was a substance with a better common dose, I by accident poured out, weighed, and snorted the flawed one and instantly realized my mistake as I felt the acquainted burn and disgusting feeling of the 2MAP hitting my nostrils. I am unable to give good estimates of how a lot I snorted however I can say I felt and regarded prefer it was over 25mg, the best I had snorted, by a major margin. I used to be already on a really excessive dose of etizolam and this lead me to imagine I used to be absolutely going to die. I had no thought what to do however idiotically I did not even try to hunt assist, I blame my intoxicated mind prioritizing not being caught over my very own security for this. As a substitute, I instructed myself I needed to keep awake, however finally I felt myself fading out, at this level in a panic I snorted some 2-FMA. I’m not certain this does a lot in actuality (please inform me if it does as a result of I felt it saved my life the day after,) however I hoped it’d enhance my respiration price if I handed out. I ended up passing out considering it was the tip of my life, I bear in mind being offended at myself as a result of previous to this I felt a powerful pleasure in how protected I used to be with my substance use. I felt like I failed my household and all the chums who I preached hurt discount to. Bodily I felt precisely how I did once I was a younger teenager and tried to commit suicide utilizing xanax and CWE oxycodone. Once I awoke I used to be genuinely amazed I used to be alive, since then I have been far more cautious with checking labels, even triple checking with substances that one cannot overdose on. I give up RCs and all powdered medicine for a number of months after this to take time to recuperate emotionally. For a time I’d scoff at substance mix-ups, questioning how they had been attainable. This made me notice it could actually occur to any of us, and along with labelling we actually actually must be certain we triple examine our labels. If anybody has any questions on my expertise with this compound I’ll do my finest to reply, remember it was fairly a very long time in the past although. To wrap up, I will go away you with a roughly yr outdated temporary abstract of my experiences from my notes: **2MAP: Good, feels poisonous although and possibly is. **

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