Psychedelics, Alan watts and a beautiful song.
Hey! This was my third psychedelic journey. I can not bear in mind 90% on my first one, 150ug of lsd, due to xanax and dangerous choices. My second one, ~55-60mg of methallylescaline, was extraordinarily lovely though the headspace was fairly intense. I used to be nauseous for nearly all of the length of the journey (8-10 hours) and vomited a pair occasions. As I am extraordinarily wise to psyches, and this was my first “actual” psychedelic journey, I wasn’t positive the right way to deal with it. Nonetheless, I actually preferred the thoughts boggling visuals, laughs and the pink floyd taking part in on repeat. (Needed to skip echoes although haha). EDIT: It really wasn’t my third journey since I tripped a pair occasions on shrooms about 1 yr in the past and had some gentle DMT journeys. I would not say these shrooms journeys had been consultant of the psychedelic expertise like my 2 final ones tho. Sufficient rambling, onto this journey. It began at a chilling at a buddy’s home. We drank a variety of beer, some drinks; a typical operate. The tip of the night got here and all of us went residence. As a little bit drunken “au-revoir” me and a couple of associates shared 100mg of 4C-D that was selecting up mud in my pockets for a pair months in three little strains, and up our nostril they went. 2 different associates every took a tab of lsd. All of us stated goodbye and went residence. The 2 buddy who dropped acid and I had been planning on gaming afterwards and that is what we did. At this level I wasn’t actually feeling the 4C-D so my fiendish drunken self snorted a line of 15-20mg’s of 4-ho-met so I may journey with my associates whereas gaming. Fortunately, it was an ideal dose. We performed for a pair hours, every thing was hilarious, the visuals had been good though a tad refined (Not as lovely as MAL although). I by no means noticed my cat whereas tripping till this journey and it warmed my coronary heart haha. He was actually cute and seemed kinda humorous. At round 5 am we completed taking part in. I did not actually know what to do because it was my first solo journey. I went to look myself within the mirror for 20-ish seconds but it surely wasn’t that fascinating so I took the “apparent” determination and went to mattress lol. Plugged in my headphones and put up some music. Did not know what hearken to at first till I remembered this one music I found to not way back with a pleasant speech on overthinking. I closed the sunshine and put the music on. This one: . As quickly as alan watts began speaking and the chords performed, all my physique grew to become hotter. I felt a way of internal peace and calm. Stayed on this state till the drop hit and it was so good. I used to be in a blissful state, not pondering of something simply vibing to the music, eyes closed. By no means have I believed that psychedelics had been like this. That they may very well be “easy”, peaceable and blissful. On my final MAL journey, listening to music was a really intense expertise, though good, not peaceable. This actually modified my view on psychedelics. I went on with my journey, continued to hearken to some melodic stuff, moved on to pink floyd, a little bit of $uicideboy$ and deadmou5 and fell asleep earlier than I spotted it. It was a really gentle journey after all, not introspective in any respect. However IMO it was the introduction to psychedelics I wanted. I do not why I preferred 4-ho-met that a lot, was it the alcohol? the truth that it was a tryptamine? Who is aware of. I do know I need to go deeper although, and discover this world moreover.

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