Is there interesting caffeine analogs (i mean more interesting than caffeine) ?
I simply seemed a bit on google and simply discovered that : [DMPX]( I do not perceive very effectively the way in which caffeine act on dopamine (as it’s mentioned to not bind on the dopamine receptors however activating dopamine networks, whereas performing primarly on adenosine receptors, if i’m not improper ?). I take pleasure in caffeine and the way in which its subtles results would not make it underwhelming however fairly satisfying, and truthfully “binging” on caffein whereas working is fucking good, is there analogs which have extra results on awakeness, satisfaction and proprioception however not far more of the kinda anxiousness / panic / failure impact ? Edit : so the category i’m fascinated by are the xanthines and people are attention-grabbing (quoting from numerous websites) : **Paraxanthine**: This xanthine has not been confirmed to exist in any crops. It’s, nevertheless, a serious metabolite of caffeine in people. Like caffeine, it’s a stimulant, however reviews present that it’s higher at ***heightening wakefulness****.* **Theacrine** **:** is current in small quantities in kucha tea. Theacrine’s particular high quality is that it ***lasts*** ***for much longer than caffeine*** and reviews point out that it’s ***higher at enhancing temper***. There additionally ***doesn’t look like a construct up of tolerance*** as reported with caffeine. Anecdotally, the consequences additionally look like ***smoother than caffeine as effectively***. One research confirmed that one single dose of theacrine can icnrease dopamine ranges within the mind, presumably ***analgesic*** and ***anti***-***inflammatory*** properties. **Methylliberine (Dynamine):** can also be current in small quantities in kucha tea. Nonetheless, it’s very completely different from theacrine. It has been reported that Methylliberine has extra of an influence than different xanthines ***offering a big optimistic impact on temper***. Though its results are ***speedy***, they’re ***brief lived***. Much less ***uncomfortable side effects on coronary heart price and blood strain***. [](

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