AL-LAD one of my new favourite psyches
I took 200mcg AL-LAD, supplemented with snorting small bumps of 4-ho-met and 4-aco-dmt all through the evening. Beers and etiz too. I’ve completed all these medication a number of instances, and in all kinds of mixtures, EXCEPT for the AL-LAD; it was my first time with this lysergamide. Wow what an expertise. Perhaps the headspace was simply dulled due to the etiz n beers, however this ‘acid’ is so light. I really don’t love common acid, it fucks with my head an excessive amount of, however AL-LAD, even mixed with tryptamines, simply produced bliss, accompanied by some very fascinating open eye visuals that I’ve by no means seen earlier than. These visuals; there have been these ethereal translucent ‘webs’ all all through 3D house. They weren’t stagnant, however ‘flowed.’ They reacted to human our bodies; I witnessed this with myself within the mirror. However trying to immediately affect them by contact was unattainable. My actions would additionally create extra of those ‘webs’ eminating from my physique, which might then increase out towards the ‘larger’ webs and be absorbed by them. Most of those webs would movement round my physique, moderately than straight by means of it, nearly as if I had an aura that they needed to go round. Besides a few of the webs really did immediately ‘connect’ to my physique. These ‘webs’ had been razer skinny on one facet, however had some depth on the opposite, assume like a fetuccine type noodle. At shut inspection, they’d symbols on the facet with depth, flowing alongside. They appeared to stick to some kind of geometrical rule set which was simpler to see after I went exterior and noticed them at a larger scale. At one level I even noticed tiny bugs crawling alongside the webs; swatting at these bugs really dematerialised them. I am nonetheless fairly fried from some highly effective partying final evening, apologise if my writing is crude. I’ll positively be ordering extra of this novel lysergamide. [Mood :)](

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