5-MeO-MALT trip report
I tripped on 5-MeO-MALT about 2 hours in the past, and that is what I took away from the expertise. I vaped about 20 mgs of 5-MeO-MALT freebase out of a Yocan Evolve Plus. The vapor had a bizarre odor however was total fairly delicate. I took the hit at round 11:17, and the results have been nearly immediate. I went from slight visible distortions to ego obliteration in lower than a minute. I felt a slight vibrating/shaking sensation all through the journey, however the physique load total was minimal. It was principally non-visual, however it took me deeper than another psychedelic I’ve finished. As for the types of issues I used to be fascinated about throughout the journey, I keep in mind fascinated about how math is essentially the most common factor that we all know of, i.e. 2+2=four all over the place it doesn’t matter what. I additionally keep in mind fascinated about the idea of superintelligence and the idea of a technological singularity, and the way a superintelligent entity would principally be a god. I additionally considered how harmful such an entity might be, and the way there actually are [fates far worse than death](https://s-risks.org/) that would occur on a large scale. I keep in mind feeling a sensation I can greatest describe as “oneness with God”. My notion of time additionally modified, and time not appeared to circulation in the best way it normally does. I felt a kind of detachment from my environment, and wasn’t even positive what place I used to be in when began coming down. I keep in mind coming down at round 12:08 AM, with my ego returning and there nonetheless being slight visible distortions. There’s a particular afterglow to it, and my temper nonetheless appears barely elevated. I nonetheless have very slight visible distortions as I write this.

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