What’s the best RC disso or psych for therapeutic, introspective, trauma healing purposes?
Whats up mates! I take MDMA, psychs (LSD and 2C-B, making an attempt to develop mushrooms), and ketamine and hashish to heal my C-PTSD, my childhood abuse and neglect. (Sure, I do know it will be higher with a psychedelic-trained therapist, and sure I’m seeing an everyday therapist.) I lately took an curiosity in what RCs can supply. I’m operating low on ket and I’m hoping to discover a disso that’s simply as or much more therapeutic than ket. By “therapeutic”, I don’t imply the pharmacological antidepressant results, however relatively the dissociative headspace [that breaks down the endogenous dissociation/repression response and allows access to traumatic emotions.](https://www.innatepath.org/submit/why-mdma-psychedelic-therapy-may-not-work-for-you) It’s relatively troublesome to seek out studies/posts evaluating this, which is why I’m asking you! In the intervening time, I’m under no circumstances excited by recreation, nor holing. I haven’t skilled a gap on ketamine but, and although I perceive it will possibly deliver stunning sights and insights, I think that being laborious to recollect would make it less-than-great for introspection. My use of ket has ranged from barely 20mg to excessive sub-hole doses. Fwiw I’ve tried DXM, and even low doses really feel horribly dizzying and dysphoric. I’ve used it a pair occasions if I have to go someplace “darkish”, however I undoubtedly desire ketamine. Up to now, I’m primarily taking a look at DCK and 2-FDCK for his or her reported similarity to ketamine, and DMXE sheerly for the novelty and buzz round it. My anxiousness makes me cautious of extra stimulating dissos. What would you advocate? As for psychs, I believe I’m coated by LSD, 2C-B, and soon-to-be mushrooms, however for those who really feel strongly about an RC for introspection then I am all ears!

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