What RCs can I vape with a vape mod kit?
I’ve the [Smok vape pen v2](https://www.smoktech.com/equipment/vape-pen-v2) , and I am questioning what I can use it for apart from nicotine. If I dissolve my chems in a non-nic vape juice, which of them will vape proper? I do know many chems will burn at sure temperatures, and never all are soluble in vape juice. I am concerned about stims (particularly the rollier ones and pyros), vape-able psyches like 5-meo-mipt, and dissos. I’ve the 30-50W coil. Will 3-mmc, 5-meo-mipt, DMXE, DCK, and/or mdphp work with this setup? EDIT: all the chems talked about could be HCL apart from mdphp which might be freebase

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