Took 100ug of 1cp over 2 hours ago and dont feel much?
Hey everybody, About 2 and a half hours in the past I took a tab of some 1cp-lsd and am actually not feeling a lot. Im feeling just a little gentle and “giggly” however nothing extra. I held the blotter underneath my tounge for 30 minutes after which swallowed it. I’ve taken mushrooms dozens of occasions however that is my first time taking any form of lsd. Ought to I wait longer? Take one other tab? I dont wish to remorse it afterward however at 2.5 hours in I assumed i’d really feel extra. Alot extra. Right here is the 1cp i purchased Thanks upfront!

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13 thoughts on “Took 100ug of 1cp over 2 hours in the past and dont really feel a lot?”
  1. I took 300ug the other day and was very underwhelmed at the two hour mark. By the 3 hour mark I was more than impressed with how high I was.

  2. I recommend waiting longer, maybe take half a tab if you really want a more intense experience, altough 2.5 hours in your tolerance might have already changed.

    Other than that I’ve had similar experiences with the substance, it usually (on average) takes about an hour and a half before any significant effects can be felt, perhaps you have a higher body mass than me which is why it takes longer for you, but I’m no physician.

  3. Alright guys, coming up on 6 hours since I took the tab and im definitely feeling it but its much weaker than expected. I smoked some weed and that made me trip a bit harder but still nothing overly crazy. I would compair it to like 1.5g of shrooms at this point.

  4. Real, good lucy seems to usually take every bit of 3 hours to reach its peak (@3hrs).
    Seems to creeeeep up on ya. If it’s good and clean, it’s sorta…. subtle in a way 🙃

    … insight for the guys who maybe have never had lsd-25.. I reckon there’s quiteee a few on this sub!

  5. Same here with 1cp. Takes an hr and a half to 3 hrs for it to kick in. If you have some mary jane with it, it will start to kick in quicker. At least that has been my experience.

  6. 250 is a good dose but 1plsd is real lsd. Ur messin with a differing drug which had me underwhelmed without much visual. But 1plsd IS lsd

  7. I’ve only taken 130ugs of 1cp and that was very overwhelming. But in comparison 1000ugs of 1plsd was pretty underwhelming in comparison. But I’ve had 1cplsd take 3 hours to kick in and I’ve had a trip on 1plsd that took about 6 hours to kick in.

  8. I’ve never had any luck with 1cp lsd. It seems some of the vendors are fake or its under dosed. I’ve tried up to 3 tabs and felt nothing where 1 tab of lsd would be insane for me.

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