The Psychedelic Fellacio Attack of the Dinner Plate Pupil Yeti: Just Another (A)typical Boraxing Night With Friends, oh and 5-MeO-DMT, 5-MeO-MiPT, 4-HO-MiPT, 5-MAPB, 4-HO-MET. Sunday Buffet Strikes Again: The Trip Report
Longish intro: skip to the nitty gritty to learn how some courageous scientists put their life on the road for information. In any case, that is true. It occurred on Sunday November 15th-16th of the yr of our Lord twentaytwentay. Greetings my mates, psychonauts, misplaced souls, fiends, curious onlookers, and precise regular individuals who find yourself studying this accidentally, (and I assume “sup” to that man who actually hated my final submit as a result of it wasn’t shulgin-esque-dry-science-notes about sticking crystals up your ass and writing notes about each sensation, clinching so none dribbles out). Don’t let the title mislead you, there comprise no errors inside the title of this submit. Cease the press. For there may be plain proof.. Sure. Proof! THE. PROOF. Permit me to elaborate.. The proof, that science has been glued to their microstimdick within the sky about for eons sweating desperately looking. For god? For reassurance? For hope? For one thing greater than this frequent, blasé existence? For porn that’s “good”? Now that I hopefully have your consideration, let’s get right down to the… Nitty Gritty. Oh there may be image and audio of this. This was meant to be a chill night of 4-HO-MiPT for 3 individuals. Heh. Myself, my keen, inexperienced, great associate we’ll name Tea, and an outdated pal we’ll name Dorian, who was visiting from his cabin within the woods he usually lives in. Wing evening become a modified borax by buffet. I feel I’ll have mentioned this in a previous submit, or life, or dream, or one thing. However all the time plan your journey and solely have out there what you need if you find yourself sober. Having a group fitted to doomsday prepping is not one thing you need entry to once you’re in beast mode. Hurt discount is vital. The menu that evening, equal parts besides Dorian who doubled down on the miprocin. 20mg 4-HO-MiPT (40mg for D) 15mg 4-HO-MET 5mg smoked 5-MeO-MiPT 67mg 5-MAPB Unknown quantities of 5-MeO-DMT The 5-MeO-DMT was consumed earlier than serotinin releasers had been within the combine. At all times be cautious, 5-MeO is a heat benevolent god, however she does don’t have any downside with a sacrificial lamb right here or there. The setting: Fort Lauderdale Saturday night. Nah it was my home. Chilly, snowy, quiet, and serene. It was a late begin. Let’s evaluation some notes I took right here or there. These instances begin within the PM. 8:00 vaping 5-MeO-DMT from a tocan regen, whereas Dorian smokes pipe after pipe. Tea was steeping within the basement getting ready for the evening forward. (Pun meant) 9:00 or so: all three dropped 20mg miprocin in a capsule. 9:20 preliminary results kick. Miprocin wastes no time. Total feeling of impending mushroom journey. A lot of laughs, yawns, and drools for me. Yeah I dunno appears all 4-HO’s really feel the identical at the beginning to me. This adjustments shortly, I really feel liquid, and soften out of my chair. Proper into.. the stash. 9:45 Dorian and I put together a pipe with what the dimensions claimed to be about 7mg of 5-MeO-MiPT. Additionally occurs to be my first expertise with this compound. Tastes prefer to recycled fish bowl water, nevertheless I’m immediately smacked with a psychedelic rush that places crack to disgrace. It was euphoria and vitality and the whole lot was transferring. At around the 10 mark we resolve we might as properly do a modified Borax combo. Take 15mg of 4-HO-MET. Dumbest smile on my face as I attempt to evenly weigh the 5-MAPB, dividing by three required a number of chalk boards and window writing markers of calculations, however we figured it out as a gaggle effort. 10:30 67mg of 5-MAPB down the hatch. I adjourn to the downstairs, an concept has come to me. I adorn a llama pores and skin and a Halloween masks secretly within the basement, little bit of innocent enjoyable ya know? “Boo! Aha gotcha”. I do not understand simply how horrifying this mix actually appears to be like. Simply grabbed them each haphazardly. [the beast emerges]( I creep up the steps on all fours, the look on Dorian’s face when he caught sight of the lumbering swamp witch crawling up the steps, I may inform from his expression I had created one thing particular. [ok party right??]( Each he and Tea are laughing hysterically at me. They know it is me however but they preserve 10 ft always. It is like, concern laughter. I see myself within the mirror and can’t cease laughing both. So I seize a voice modulator. Some old style junk with a exterior microphone and a speaker. It have to be at the very least 15 years outdated, made from plastic, it is referred to as a Rock Field. Undoubtedly marketed in direction of youngsters with desires of being stars. It has three completely different settings to vary your voice, “low” “excessive” “regular”. Whoever invented this factor created what must be probably the most brutal, hellish, loss of life metallic creating youngsters’s toy of all time. It makes you sound like a demon. So naturally, between breathes I report a message. A message for a pal. [expressing romantic interest]( together with a number of unsolicited images of “the beast” from Teas random ass space code cellphone quantity. I am laughing so onerous I am in agony. All three of us are past ourselves, listening to the recording again and again. Till he responds. “What within the fuck”. Yeah that was it. After all we informed him after, he was more than happy we had been pondering of him. Praise is a praise in spite of everything. It was like i could die from laughing at this level. I am within the costume, lined in sweat, pondering “of all of the methods to go, that is good”. Time had misplaced all which means at this level. The three of us skilled from that snort onwards such profound interior peace and acceptance. The evening may have lasted for ever. Round 6 am I handed out chilly carrying nothing however the llama pores and skin, however I’ll endlessly put on it in spirit. Hope this meant one thing to you. Play secure, keep secure. We’re one

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