Just got 6 grams of ODSMT. Looking for any helpful information on dosing
Title says all of it I’m on the lookout for any and all info on ODSMT I’ve performed analysis however I simply wanna ask myself and see what information y’all may be capable to shed on me. I weigh about 200 Kilos, I’ve a lot of expertise with a lot of medicine however I attempt to stray away from opiates so I’ve a brilliant low tolerance and infrequently use any. I took a really minuscule quantity earlier about 100mg over the course of 6 hours. I eyeballed the doses however they had been small I did about 10mg 10x over about four half whereas doing dabs. I’ve a pleasant milligram scale coming Wednesday from Amazon so I will take exact doses, so till then I actually gained’t be dosing a lot if in any respect. However I’m on the lookout for any information or your private experiences with this RC
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