My biggest personal stash yet
[Here is my biggest personal stash yet!]( (Imgur hyperlink) A lot of RC’s in there too. Within the image: 10 grams B+ (Cubensis) Shrooms 10 grams weed 10 grams of Ketamine One full tank of N2O (Nitrous Oxide/ whippits) Three tabs of 100ug 1cP-LSD 0,5g of DMXE 0,5g of 3-Me-PCP 0,5g of MXiPr 0,5g og MXPr 0,25g of Bromazolam 21 Methadone 20mg capsules 22 Clonazepam 2mg capsules (Roche Rivotri/ AKA Klonopin within the US) Tons of Suboxone 8mg and 2mg capsules (couldnt hassle counting) Additionally tons of Miratazapine AKA Remeron because it’s identified within the US (additionally could not hassle counting )And final however not least, a fats blunt able to smoke And likewise (however not within the pic) an edible (THC muffin) And I am nonetheless ready for a few different packages 😉

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