How does MDA compare to 5/6-APB ? (pharmacology & subjective experience)
Hey i’ve been lately slowly diving into pharmacology and as i bear in mind a day someone mentioned right here that MDA was peculiar chem as a result of it was an excellent entactogen, an excellent stimulant and a good psychedelic on the identical time. Trying to the binding affinities of MDA is tremendous attention-grabbing and that i simply instantly searched “MDA analogues” right here, and i’ve seen that 5/6-APB are pretended to be MDA analogues.I’ve tried each 5 and 6-APB (with extra in depth and most well-liked experiences with 5-APB) and do not forget that i’ve described 5-APB like extra “funky” and “erotic” than MDMA (one thing that may be associated to an motion on dopamine ?) and likewise that it was a bit extra trippy (colours, music enhancement, headspace) than MDMA however with out being in any respect near a what i might name a psychedelic impact. So 5-APB, 6-APB and MDA act like a serotonin-dopamine-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor and releasing agent and so they all are 5-HT2A agonists, so the query is, does 5-APB results are corresponding to these of MDA (particularly the mentioned good stimulant & first rate psychedelic facet of this one) and if no is there different recognized RCs that act in the identical manner than MDA ? I’ve seen MDOH which is described to be fairly much like MDA when it comes to motion and which Shulgin good description appears sufficient to level curiosity. I apologize if i’m simply doing bro-science or bringing untruths or something, simply right here to advance an curiosity and create some emulation across the query. Due to you all. Edit : it appears 6-APB is nearer to MDA than 5-APB is to MDA, they’re extra dopaminergic than 5-APB (within the dopamine/serotonin ratio) however MDA is far more psychedelic than each (MDA is nearer to 2C-B-FLY when it comes to 5-HT2A activation whereas 6-APB and 5-APB are nearer to MDMA for 5-HT2A), so if 6-APB is nearer to MDA when it comes to dopamine & serotonin exercise, 6-APB do not share the actual psychedelic facet of MDA. And 5-APB appears to be nearer to MDMA than MDA (dopamine/serotonin ratio). Supply : [](

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