5-chloro-aMT vape cart... experience report
I put 50mg in PG and heated until dissolved. put all of it in a vape cart(measured how a lot precisely PG to fill utterly prior). it really works you’ll be able to scent the amt tryptamine scent. a couple of hits and I felt threshold results. I used this a lot complete: https://imgur.com/a/v90KOjb which needs to be round idk 5-10mg? it has an apparent impact very good sedative stimulation with psychedelia (though I am unable to touch upon how a lot my tolerance could be very excessive just lately.) It looks as if extra can be very euphoric and funky, even makes my dick a lil bit onerous. sorry, however I felt that was a bit of particular of an impact. I’ve not finished extra as a result of I worth my serotonin neurons and it is such an unknown chloro substituted stimulant. Nonetheless, I took a couple of puffs of my PRE-084 cart which ought to mitigate not less than considerably any neurotoxicity, even profitable for para-chloro-amphetamine serotonin neurotoxicity from my analysis. solely damaging was a slight slight headache, however it additionally made me actually attractive as I mentioned. and it feels fairly good. additionally Im on a small quantity of benzos so the dose might be even decrease…

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