What's your opinion on the war on drugs, and in which way has it affected the creation of RC's?
Hiya! I am an 11th grade pupil from Colombia and as a way to graduate we have to write a monograph. I selected to make it about warfare on medication and RC’s, as in my nation any sort of drug consumption is extraordinarily stigmatised and there is quite a lot of misinformation pushed by the goverment. As a part of my analysis I made a survey so I can have a normal consensus on what folks take into consideration warfare on medication and RC’s, together with issues as what ought to be the strategy of goverments as a way to cut back the variety of addicts and/or mortal victims associated to an irresponsible eat of medication and, in case you want RC’s over “conventional medication”, why? This survey is open to all folks, and I am posting right here as a result of I feel that this communtity will present some vital data. So in case you are serious about taking a part of the survey and serving to me out observe the hyperlink, participation is totally nameless and voluntary. [https://forms.gle/QmYAjMXmerhjH9QG7](https://types.gle/QmYAjMXmerhjH9QG7) [This survey has been approved by the moderators.]

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