What psychedelics can you "brakethrough" on and what exactly is it like for people who have had? (substance, Dose too please)
In keeping with the psycwiki https://m.psychonautwiki.org/wiki/Visual_effects_-_Psychedelics On visuals I am working of there’s eight ranges to geometry. Stage eight splits in to 2 completely different paths. Stage 8A and stage 8B On the highest stage, geometry is able to forking off into two separate ranges of equal depth referred to as stage 8A and 8B. Environmental elements stage 8A expertise may be described as the sensation of being uncovered to a seemingly infinite mass of geometry comprised fully of innately understandable representations that are perceived to concurrently convey each internally saved idea, reminiscence, course of, and neurological construction saved inside the thoughts. Stage eight B The expertise of stage 8B may be described as the sensation of being uncovered to a mass of geometry comprised fully of innately readable geometric representations which subjectively really feel as in the event that they convey the inside mechanics that compose all underlying neurological processes. Throughout this expertise, the group, construction, and programming behind an individual’s aware expertise are perceived as conceptually understood. It’s usually interpreted by those that bear it as perceiving the supposed inside workings of both the universe, consciousness, or actuality. This expertise as a complete is perceived by way of innately understood visible geometric knowledge and can be bodily felt in an incomprehensible stage of element by way of accompanying advanced cognitive and tactile sensations. I’ve learn some anicdotle proof saying somebody achieved this on 2-cb altho the wiki states… stage 8A embody LSD, 2C-B, and 4-HO-MET. In distinction, psychedelics which result in stage 8B are sometimes sedating in bodily results and comprise excessive quantities of hallucinatory content material. For instance, hallucinogens which have a tendency in the direction of inflicting stage 8B embody psilocybin, LSA, DMT, and 2C-T-7. I might love a primary hand person expertise what did you understand? How was it emotionally? After all dose? Substance? Environmental? And tollarence? Sorry for spelling and punctuation! Edit… I personally have achieved stage 7 however that was with bk-2cb and that appear to be it is restrict altho I’ve simply obtained a very good quantity of 2-cb and lsd

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