What's the deal with DOM?
After a lot analysis and years of ready for the suitable set and setting, I lastly determined to take 5mg (2 tabs) of [DOM](https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/DOM) (2,5-Dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine). I mainly learn all there was to examine it, and located myself questioning – why is not it extra in style? why did not it take off like LSD, which additionally has a really lengthy period? Everybody reported unwanted effects however tons appeared to get worth from it despite that. I like psychedelics, and I like amphetamines, so DOM sounds good proper? I now know why it has been solid apart in favour of actually some other psychedelic or stimulant. So the opposite day, firstly of a tenting journey with some pals, I took these 2 tabs, together with 4mg ondansetron and ~35mg CBD. First indicators had been felt inside 45 minutes – the basic psychedelic enamel feeling, and common notion widening, just like the mind is extra lively or like one thing additional is happening. Tracers began appearing and issues appeared fairly good. I in all probability would have thrown up had I not taken the ondansetron. Anyway, it was fairly typical at this level. Then the vasoconstriction set in. Excessive discomfort, bordering on ache was felt nearly your entire 20 hour expertise. I can’t stress sufficient how uncomfortable it was. I already get shaky on psychs however my leg muscular tissues and palms had been twitching and shaking uncontrollably. My eyes felt like the other of bulging out of my head – not fairly bulging in, however some bizarre vasoconstriction feeling. Taking pictures ache was felt inside my limbs (I ought to say I do have full-body persistent ache and an excessive sensitivity to the touch, so this will have come into play). I needed to stroll and stomp/transfer my legs always to keep away from simply shaking and twitching in my chair. I used to be remarkably calm, peaceable, tranquil, and serene all through, and I knew that the dose I had taken was “protected”, so I did not freak out. However your entire period of the drug was spent attempting to get pleasure from it despite the terrible, terrible physique feeling. I desperately tried to get pleasure from it and rid myself of this sense so I did bulb after bulb of N2O with little to no synergy. I even was capable of communicate coherently on the height of 5mg and a pair of nangs (N2O bulbs). I do not belief a psychedelic that does not synergise with N2O… Even at low doses, some other psychedelic would give a really deep and significant expertise on nitrous. As for the visuals, even with such a robust impact on the physique, they had been nearly nonexistent exterior of the tracers. Gentle diamond fractal geometry was seen if I reaallly paid consideration. It was bland and boring on this regard. The road identify “Serenity Tranquility Peace” is apt, however appears to me like that could be a stretch/an try to search out SOMETHING gratifying about this in any other case extraordinarily uncomfortable drug. I’ve had way more profound serenity from acid, and a minimum of with acid the visuals and headspace amplify the serenity. With this drug it was simply serene sufficient to make me not in despair from the terrible feeling. Anyway, after about eight hours of this, I lastly got here off the height, and it took one other 12 hours to have the ability to sleep. I discovered myself questioning how one may probably get pleasure from this drug when it looks as if any area of interest it would fill, one other drug would do higher. Am I lacking one thing? Is there a distinct segment for this? What’s the take care of DOM? I assume DOB and the others are related if not worse? Any enter/dialogue is welcome, cheers. edit: additionally oddly sufficient that is the one psychedelic/stimulant I’ve taken that truly makes meals a pleasure. sober I’ve little urge for food however I actually loved the meals I had on DOM. bizarre.

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