Just took some 3-MeO-PCP for the first time in a couple years. Now I remember why I hate this.
Or quite, if I may really feel something in any respect proper now, I believe I’d in all probability hate it. Took 9mg (1.8ml of a 5mg/ml answer) a pair hours in the past. The answer is just a few years previous and initially made with high-proof vodka, so it is attainable the focus has elevated a bit over time attributable to evaporation. [What makes a man turn neutral?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY6RyRkl9uo) 3-MeO-PCP apparently. There isn’t any valence to any side of my expertise proper now. Simply…nothing. Do I like this music? I do not know, it is music I suppose. I simply switched from chill digital jazz to screaming steel and it has zero affect on my inner state. I’m disconnected, untouched, inviolate. Separate from the considerably fish-eyed world. I’ve no emotional response to something, I’m a meat popsicle. This makes it fairly tough to make selections since there is no such thing as a base *feeling* to work from. Taking any motion requires both cautious consideration of options or full reflexive greedy. Fortunately I made a to-do record beforehand, so I can simply transition down via the state diagram. I am deriving zero satisfaction from checking issues off, however I am additionally not upset by that truth. Beep boop. Every little thing is hole. I ~~really feel~~ felt hole, however apparently that vacuum is stuffed by 90s scifi references. I attempted watching some often 100% dependable humorous movies and barely even cracked a smile. Not less than my home is cleaner now I suppose? I’ve religion that that is one thing I’ll care about once more tomorrow. I simply stood in entrance of my fridge for a bit tasting issues. Habanero sizzling sauce and a honeycrisp apple produced roughly equal inner reactions. I am unable to think about how this might probably enhance at increased doses. It isn’t even unhealthy, it is simply beige. Is that this a worthwhile put up? I truthfully cannot inform proper now. Reflexively hitting submit.

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