Recently had a urine drugs screening and I use RCs regurlarly. Here are the results and what I used prior
Posting this for analysis functions and perhaps you guys might assist me perceive just a few issues or discover it of use in your personal pursuits. I am gonna begin getting examined weekly to get a subuxone script. Check outcomes:[]( I used 2fma 40 mg and etizolam four mg 5-6 days prior, 3fpm four days prior, and lorazepam 2 mg simply the day earlier than the take a look at which kinda surpises me that I got here again unfavorable for benzos. I additionally used 2-Methyl-AP237 four hours earlier than the take a look at and about 200 mg of O-dsmt every day for three weeks having my final 140 mg dose about 12 hours earlier than the take a look at. That is what I need assist understanding do they solely take a look at for the substances they use to calibrate the machine?

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