Clonazolam Drug Testing Experiment
Dosage: 11/11 – 11/15 500mg on a regular basis Outcomes 11:27 AM 11/14/2020: Outcomes 7:10 PM 11/14/2020: Outcomes 10:44 AM 11/15/2020: Outcomes 11:16 AM 11/16/2020: Dosage: 11/16/2020 Dosed .375mg 11:00 AM Dosed .125mg 11:45 AM Dosed .250mg 12:45 PM Dosed .375mg 2:00 PM Whole: 1.125mg clonazolam Outcomes 2:03 PM 11/16/2020: Outcomes 8:40 PM 11/16/2020: To learn outcomes: from high to backside (left to proper oriented accurately) Prime (left): 6 days of clonazolam utilization with a half lifetime of three hours, between 0.5mg and 1mg day by day utilization, faint detrimental line which suggests detrimental. Center (center): pattern of faucet water, detrimental for any BZO exercise. Damaging. Backside (proper): 5mL of faucet water with 0.5mg clonazolam suspended in ethanol added to it. Turned optimistic instantly. My consensus is by subsequent day I’m detrimental and beneath the minimize off restrict with clonazolam half life being three hours in keeping with who. However it can have cross reactivity examples by testing direct clonazolam on a take a look at strip. The edge of clonazolam dosing is to low in my view to detect in a urine take a look at between just a few hours and 12 hours. Subsequent day you ought to be effective all the time. These have been examined with 300ng/mL cutoff degree and a 100ng/mL cutoff degree.

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