Subcutaneous vs. Intramuscular
Why does psychonaut make it sound like subq injection is a lot extra harmful than IM injection? I’d assume I’d slightly have a problem with my subq tissue than with a muscle! Additionally is way simpler to execute. I have been messing round with subq for ketamine as a result of I am bored with clogging up my nostril, however wished to evaluate the chance – I take advantage of sterile one-time needles, 0.22 micron filter, and bacteriostatic NaCl. Solely factor I can consider is that if there may be some form of chemical in my batch that may be unhealthy subcutaneously inflicting some form of tissue harm, however cannot think about that it might if my nasal membranes can deal with it. Right here is the quote from the wiki and hyperlink: ” **Warning: This technique of injection is unusual and isn’t suggested. The needle might break off within the pores and skin, hit a nerve, or trigger scarring, lumps, and different pores and skin issues. Moreover, the dangers of an infection are drastically elevated when utilizing this technique of administration.** ” [](

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