Lab-test: My MXPr is legit Methoxpropamine!
Sorry for spamming test-results currently however I reconsidered and thought I’d share my MXPr end result too. Usually I don’t publish test-results if the substance isn’t extraordinarily new or someway in any other case fascinating to the group, however as MXPr continues to be a brand new substance and there’s no launched lab-results for it (so far as I do know) I assumed a few of you would possibly nonetheless discover it fascinating. My submitted pattern of MXPr got here again as legit methoxpropamine. Sadly the purity wasn’t decided. This evaluation was carried out by ChEckiT! by way of UHPLC-DAD-MS (Extremely-Excessive-Efficiency Liquid Chromatography, Diode-Array Detection, Mass Spectrometry), in Vienna (Austria). As a few of you might know from my earlier posts, ChEckiT! doesn’t embody EXPECTED test-results of their month-to-month warnings. Therefore, there isn’t any public hyperlink to my end result. End result: **anticipated: methoxpropamine (n.q.)** It was purchased as MXPr hydrochloride (3-MeO-2’-Oxo-PCPr / methoxpropamine) and it’s a white powder. It’s texture is dense and fluffy. Image:

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