DMXE (deoxymethoxetamine) is here.
Not a lot information on this but. The lab everyone knows simply printed this information: ​ >In our quest for the proper MXE analogue, we’re happy to announce the discharge of one other dissociative product, **DMXE** (deoxymethoxetamine, 3-Me-2’-oxo-PCE hydrochloride). This molecule is structurally similar to MXE, with solely the methoxy changed with methyl (oxygen eliminated and therefore the ‘deoxy’). As with every iteration of our MXE analogues, we get nearer and nearer to the unique. And while DMXE has it’s personal distinctive and particular flavour, it’s *extraordinarily* just like MXE. As we demonstrated with 3-Me-PCP, the 3-MeO group may be substituted with methyl with out lack of efficiency or important alteration of pharmacological profile. We’re happy to see that the two’-oxo compounds observe the identical SAR, from the a number of we now have synthesised, together with DMXE. Right here is a picture of the construction: []( Trying ahead to attempting this one!

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