Interesting brand new study about F-phenibut (published October 5 2020). It contains lots of previously unknown information about its pharmacology and presents some possible risks
[]( (Be aware I simply skimmed; try the unique article for full data) Some conclusions: 1. F-phenibut is a potent GABA B receptor agonist (notice that is totally different from the GABA A receptor, which medicine like benzodiazepines act on) 2. F-phenibut is a stronger GABA B receptor agonist than phenibut (which we already assumed) 3. F-phenibut has very comparable GABA B exercise to baclofen (however it’s rather less potent) 4. F-phenibut suppressed each evoked and spontaneous cell firing in Purkinje cells (Purkinje cells are the output neurons of the cerebellum, which is concerned in motor management) Total, the researchers backed up quite a lot of what has been speculated about F-phenibut, particularly its similarity to baclofen and elevated efficiency as a GABA B receptor agonist in comparison with phenibut. Nevertheless, the suppression of nerve firing within the cerebellum raises some considerations – the authors say that “F-phenibut abuse can result in extra extreme motor dysfunction than phenibut abuse, even at a decrease dose.” Moreover, there might probably be worse motor issues on account of continual use. Lastly, as all of us can assume by this level, there’s an habit danger – “our findings indicated that F-phenibut is a stronger agonist of GABAB receptors than phenibut, suggesting that abuse of F-phenibut could result in extra extreme intoxication and habit. ” In fact, extra research have to be finished on all these GABA B agonists, particularly evaluating and contrasting the results of baclofen and F-phenibut. Does baclofen trigger the identical stage of inhibition of GABA B receptor-containing neurons as F-phenibut? What are the outcomes of this inhibition over continual use? I did not learn each phrase of this text and likewise have not explored the baclofen literature but. Wish to hear what a few of you fellow nerds assume.

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