About a week ago i made a post about doing (1p)-lsd for the first time and alone alone, it was intense. But i managed to do some ‘interdimensional research’ ;) and have some thoughts i want to share
M22 took 150ug 1p alone and it was my first expertise with lsd. Barely performed any medicine earlier than this. However i’m fairly a philosophical and religious individual.. So at one level of the journey, it was like my actions had been being performed out in entrance of me, me being lucid, however having no management. Watching it like a film, however elements had been lacking, generally regaining management and time/actuality not making sense made me take into consideration free will… Is it possibly simply an phantasm and does lsd present that?That individual i’m watching remains to be me, doing what i might do… Rattling. This thought was triggered by having watched https://youtu.be/KjeKiIa7XEk earlier than my journey… What if the massive bang happend once more and precisely prefer it did 14 billion years in the past, WOULD I HAVE STILL MADE THIS POST? And is free will then a phantasm? Edit: Thanks for @seuros for locating my earlier publish on this sub and in the end kinda sitting/serving to my journey over the reddit chat. I in all probability wanted it haha Edit 2: Btw in the end loved the journey and was joyful the way it turned out. Doing it alone was dangerous tho and doubtless a foul thought. It was very intense and at one level i even thought i used to be lifeless… That made me suppose lots about my issues tho and let me course of feelings and I felt emotionally higher afterwards. Subsequent journeys will probably be with buddies for positive 🙂 Edit 3: Im additionally positive now that the horror film ‘1408’ was made by individuals who used lsd haha. Price a watch btw! Its totally uploaded on yt! My room additionally felt like limbo at one level 🙃. However ofc, its wasnt that dangerous haha

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2 thoughts on “A couple of week in the past i made a publish about doing (1p)-lsd for the primary time and alone alone, it was intense. However i managed to do some ‘interdimensional analysis’ ;) and have some ideas i need to share”
  1. Hey OP, glad you enjoyed yourself.

    LSD has been a tremendous help to me in my lifetime. (Im 34, first dropped when I was 15).

    It’s been an amazing recreational experience full of love, friendships music and some incredible visuals. It’s been an incredible tool for introspection, philosophical thinking and personal growth. It also cured my PTSD – which happened quite accidentally and I wasn’t aware it could do that until a few weeks after the trip when I noticed for the first time in 3 years I’d been symptom-free for weeks.

    So I am genuinely happy you enjoyed yourself. If its something you want to continue using over your life I wish for you to receive the same benefits I have.

    Peace and love. Safe travels.

  2. It wasn’t a bad idea to do it alone. If you prepare yourself properly it is the best way to do it. I’ve done 30+ trips, all alone and I’ve learned so much about myself. I doubt if I’d have been able to do the kind of introspection I did if there were others around.

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