4-ACO-DMT - Degradation after 3 years?
I’m measuring out a dose of powdered 4-ACO-DMT. I needed to have a comparatively sturdy journey. So I used to be planning to measure out about 55mg. Nevertheless, I am considering including some to compensate for the truth that I obtained it three years in the past. (I’m going to imagine it was near-fresh once I received it, although I do not know for positive.) I largely stored it within the fridge inside a tiny ziploc bag inside an opaque archival bag. However there have been a couple of months cumulatively when it was in room temperature. It was not uncovered to any actually sizzling temperatures so far as I can inform. Colour appears to be the identical as three years in the past, maybe barely darker. It is a form of a light-weight pinkish gray. Darkness is perhaps a 2.5 on [this value scale](https://sighack.com/public/photographs/2018-02-11-generative-color-algorithms/vs-grayscale.png). I am undecided what sort of salt it is being saved in, does tan-gray colour point out one and whether or not it is the extra shelf-stable one? Thanks.

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