Etizolam not dissolving entirely in pg solution?
Hey I’m attempting to make some etizolam answer I would like it to be about 2mg/ml so I put 100mg of etizolam into 50ml of PG and shook it up a bit (in an clear ejuice bottle) it didnt fairly combine collectively so I heated up some water within the microwave slightly below boiling and put the bottle in there for a bit after which shook many times I did this about three instances however there may be nonetheless tiny little particles of the etizolam nonetheless floating round. is that this regular?? what ought to I do to get it to completely disolve? TL;DR etizolam wont dissolve completely into pg answer leaving tiny particles in it EDIT: Added photos []( that is what it appears to be like like after like 10 minutes of shaking then a shower of scorching water, 5 minutes shaking, one other scorching tub, 5 minutes shaking, then i let it sit for a hr or 2 now I am shaking it as I kind / watch this thread (no warmth simply shaking now)

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