Does O-DSMT have serotonergic properties?
I do know that Tramadol has a really complicated pharmacological profile, because of auxillary binding of assorted receptors past MOR together with the 5-HT2C receptor. However Tramadol could be very completely different than O-DSMT, the latter is claimed to be a full agonist of Mu receptors, and is a ligand of Delta and Kappa receptors. I am unable to discover any analysis detailing the extent of its results, at the very least past the anticipated MOR/DOR/KOR affinity. Does anybody with pharmacology information know something about this? Psychonaut lists contraindications with varied psychedelics and serotonin releasing brokers. However this data would not appear to return from any empirical findings, however relatively extrapolations primarily based on how Tramadol works. There’s additionally the matter of conflicting data, wikipedia states: “Desmetramadol can be an [antagonist]( of the [serotonin]( [5-HT2C receptor](” – how can a serotonin antagonist trigger serotonin syndrome if mixed with a serotonin releaser?

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