2M2B-Carbamate another "new" sedative with an "old" structure
[Structure](https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/2-Butanol_-2-methyl-_-carbamate) There’s principally no information on this – judging by the construction its most likely a fairly euphoric muscle relaxant and general sedative with a slim therapeutic index. Its being bought right here and there and I couldn’t discover a lot about it. Carbamates are often considerably much like their mum or dad compounds (carbamate sedatives was once a extremely huge factor and are these days an obscurity nevertheless often wanted as a result of they’re superior for leisure use.) Closest factor nonetheless round to it’s most likely Soma / Carisoprodol. Ideas ? I am fairly positive that this wont go all around the globe however its available on the market.

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