2-FMA and its efficacy in acidic medium.
Wanting by way of [the Russian article on 2-FMA](https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/2-%D0percentA4percentD1%82%D0percentBEpercentD1%80%D0percentB0percentD0percentBCpercentD1%84%D0percentB5percentD1%82%D0percentB0percentD0percentBCpercentD0percentB8percentD0percentBD) on wikipedia, it says: > “Любая кислота, легко распространяющаяся в организме (например, ортофосорная кислота, входящая в состав многих газированных напитков) значительно ослабляет действие препарата. Аналогичным образом действуют кислоты, входящие в состав некоторых фруктов, например груши, в меньшей степени – цитрусовых. > При приёме препарата поднимается уровень сахара в крови. Моча в течение часа после приёма меняет PH на слабокислый.” Which, utilizing Google Translate, yields this: > “Any acid that simply spreads within the physique (for instance, orthophosoric acid, which is a part of many carbonated drinks) considerably weakens the impact of the drug. Acids in some fruits, akin to pears, and, to a lesser extent, citrus fruits, act in an analogous means. > When taking the drug, the blood sugar degree rises. Urine inside an hour after ingestion modifications the PH to barely acidic.” Regardless of having some prior information on the biochemistry of this compound, that is really the primary time I am listening to this. This might probably clarify some individuals having underwhelming expertise with it. Does anybody have extra information and/or rationalization on that phenomenon? Does it apply to all fluorinated phenethylamines? **EDIT: It is really an article on 2-FA, however the level stands.**

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