Psychosis, Death, and Rebirth - Trip Report (3-MeO-PCP + ETH-LAD + 4-HO-MET)
I posted just a few days in the past asking about this combo. Yesterday I attempted it, right here is the TR: Targets: * Spirituality * Private Growth * Fears ​ Substances Taken: · 5mg 3-MeO-PCP (Oral) · 120ug ETH-LAD (Sublingual) · 45mg 4-HO-MET (Unfold over 5 Hours, Plug) · Extras: Espresso, Tea, Nicotine Spray, Phenibut · Smelling: Important Oils (Ylang Ylang) · Nootropics: Noopept, Coluracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Taurine, B12, CDP Choline, L-Tyrosine Preparation: * Taking Nootropics. * The final meal I had was 2 hours earlier than taking the primary substance. ​ Half One – Hell: * **+00:00 -** at 2:30 pm, I take about 5 or 6mg 3-MeO-PCP * **+01:00** – I determine, as deliberate to take 120ug ETH-LAD with 500mg Phenibut * **+02:00** – **The journey began**, I’m positively within the ETH-LAD headspace, energetic, having fun with music and dancing. Getting ready to do some portray. * **+02:10** – **Euphoria, well-being state:** Mendacity in mattress, I really feel the results. Music appreciation is top-notch, however I turned anxious concerning the impact of 3-MeO-PCP simply coming in. I’m euphoric, barely sedated nonetheless I really feel uneasy * **+02:20** – **Hell:** The three-MeO-PCP clearly skyrocketing. Feeling really dissociated: My physique, my actions, my emotions. All music songs at the moment are sounding mistaken, out the tempo, the time is slowing down. I can now not discover music to calm me down. I really feel excessive concern, then hurry as much as the backyard to search out peace * **+02:40** – **Psychosis:** Worst expertise in my life. I really feel too drained, bodily very uncomfortable. I really feel the world imploding into me every time I attempt to sit nonetheless in a single place. I discover short-term reduction in a sunny spot. However then the solar seems pretend. I lay down on the grass. My cat involves see me. Its like she is feeling that I going into some horrible expertise. She does some humorous issues that she has by no means completed earlier than with me. Managing to make me snicker. * **+03:10** – **Dropping my thoughts:** At this level I’ve some darkish thought coming to my thoughts. Nonetheless within the backyard, I rush to search out humorous movies on YouTube. The humorous movies I discovered make me much more uncomfortable and pissed off me. It jogged my memory of the film the Joker with me being the Joker. Presently, I handle to assemble some pondering capabilities and realized I would like one thing to maintain me alive to keep away from doing silly issues. I attempted to do no matter I can to entertain myself whereas ready for the dissociation results to wear down. However every thing’s was hardly fascinating for greater than 2 seconds. It felt like a extreme melancholy X 100 * **+03:30** – **Actually Dying:** I went to my room once more. Feeling extraordinarily In poor health. Having excessive issue respiratory and thirsty. I maintain myself from consuming an excessive amount of and I believe that the sensation of thrust might be mistaken, and will harm my kidneys if I drink an excessive amount of. I begin pondering that the issue is just not in my head however in my digestive system. One thing is just not processed nicely. I’ve nausea however I didn’t eat something. I really feel the water I drunk wasn’t processed and caught in my digestive system. * **+03:50** – **Getting ready to give up this world:** Presently, I felt uncomfortable in every thing I do. My digestive system appears blocked. I felt some organ exploding in my digestive system and thought I used to be now dying. I lie down in mattress. Feeling too scorching. I take my cellphone and put together to name somebody to say goodbye or to take me to the hospital if I handle to remain alive. I begin excited about my entire life. I maintain myself from calling. * **+04:20** – I collect sufficient braveness to maneuver from mattress. And it appears that evidently I really feel a bit of bit higher. I took a bit of 4-HO-MET pondering it would make the method a bit of simpler and it did. ​ Half Two – Heaven: * **+05:00** – **Rebirth,** pondering that it’s in all probability the one time I’d do that combo. I add extra 4-HO-MET. I really feel as totally different individual (in a constructive means). I begin having fun with the headspace from the 3-MeO-PCP, lastly. Now it felt so sensual to marry a heavy psychedelic with a strong dissociative. 4-HO-MET brings concord between the 2 and provides the positivity I wanted. I noticed then why folks take pleasure in dissociative. * **+06:00 to 11:00** – **Pure bliss** the remainder of the journey was really superb. The combo introduced visuals to an entire new degree. With pure deep music, I had probably the most extraordinary visuals I skilled in my life. My room was 3D mapped, I used to be like floating, work turned alive, each object was alive, the was turning inside down. Creativeness was at max, imagining my self inside myself. The dissociation introduced some loopy contribution with a brand new degree of visuals. I managed to undergo the fears I had in Half one. * I used to be listening to this music compilation []( ——————————————————————————- TDLR: I attempted the combo 3-MeO-PCP, ETH-LAD, and 4-HO-MET, it was on the similar time the scariest and most insightful expertise I’ve had in my life. ——————————————————————————- Results Abstract: * **Visually: 10+/10** I can’t say how stunning it was: Colour enhancement, morphings, 3D projections, transferring patterns, fractals, results, transitions, sync with the music, distortions, The other way up objects, Floor transferring underneath me, Body Charge Suppression. * **Journey Expertise: 0/10 to 9.5/10** Dying then bliss. I confronted psychosis within the first half. It felt like the primary half was a check to get the reward within the second half. I actually thought of ending the journey with benzos however I actually wished to carry on even when the expertise was scary. * **Spirituality & Studying: 9/10** I discovered lots of issues. I additionally realized that I needed to work on my egocentrism, having the ability to face absurdities and settle for them, and be taught humility. * **Performance: 5/10** I may Work together with folks within the second half. The tripping stops instantly once you transfer your eyes. * **Bodily**: **0/10 to six/10:** I felt terribly unwell, virtually dying. I imagine I skilled average to extreme respiratory melancholy, Dehydration. The second half was relieved however my head was highly regarded. I believe 3-MeO-PCP orally at all times causes me discomfort. Nasally it appears much less “intoxicating” possibly that is what I ought to have gone for. * **Period: About: 9 hours** (12h with after results) * **Sleep and Day After: 8/10** I had some points but it surely was Eight hours of sleep with out interruption, waking up a bit of bit drained mentally however refreshed and in a very good temper: Peaceable, no nightmare in the course of the night time.

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