MXiPr Live Trip Report
Not lots of information on this chem on the market, figured I would try to contribute. Sadly, my tolerance is silly, so I would not advise following my dosage too intently. I can not even precisely describe my tolerance as a result of it is so excessive that I can eyeball my doses of 3-HO-PCP/3-MeO-PCP. As for my preferences, I actually love 2FDCK and MXPr. The PCPs are okay, however not what I am actually searching for. DCK was rubbish. I weighed out 100mg and break up it into 4 equalish piles to snort. Let’s examine the way it goes! 10:05: *Sneef* 10:15: Feelin’ spacey. My tongue is numb, however I am fairly positive that is simply from licking my fingers after transferring the fabric from the transport bag to the storing bag. Expectedly looks like MXPr. 10:25: If you happen to instructed me this was MXPr, I would consider you. Second pile getting in. 10:35: Nonetheless roughly an MXPr expertise. I am being showered by accolades that I don’t comprehend by that one particular person. I admire you, wrecktangle. I really feel like we’re each kinda simply fucked up on reddit and less than anything. Cannot resolve what I wish to watch or hearken to, however I am content material with that reality. This and MXPr have a buzzy kinda factor happening within the head. Is that serotonin? I do know a few of these compounds have a little bit of affinity for serotonin reuptake. I really feel good however dumb, which is kinda what I am searching for. 10:52: Regular disso stuff, having to battle my keyboard to answer and make edits. I believe it is much less energetic than MXPr. My physique is not as gone and numb. Having a extremely laborious time determining what I wish to do. Idk if anybody else has that drawback on dissos, wanting one thing however not having a clue the place to begin trying. Music slaps, however I can not make the selection to place the music on. 11:01: I used to be attempting to maintain these in multiples of 5 minutes, however that does not matter. I can not inform if the expertise is dying down or if I am acclimating to it. 11:03: One other pile in 11:15: Simply chucked the entire thing in, fuck it. VERY MXPr, although much less complicated. There is not as a lot spontaneous bodily sensation, like, MXPr has me feeling like my physique elements are sliding away or vibrating. I really feel fairly stable nonetheless. I really feel dimmed down for positive, although. Not that energetic. 11:30: Positively calmer than straight MXPr. I really feel fairly sluggish, however my eyes are doing the staccato shit when I attempt to concentrate on one thing 11:45: I had weighed out one other 100mg, break up it into two, then into two, sniffed 11:51: second line in, so, like, 150mg to date? How I am feelin’ 12:00 Music is heavy, not too vis idk the right way to anymore 12:05 Issues are spar Giving up on that one Head is heavy We Jamming, idk what that video even is. 12:24: I deemed myself incapable using my laptop, so we phoning it in One thing occurred tried to introduce flualprazolam to the combination to tone it down, however we’re working with massive doses. Idk, suppose I took like 1.5mg. Evens issues out. Fucking complicated. Positively not redosing something that’s not a benzo. Benzos good, mania unhealthy. Simply must sleep as a result of I don’t know what’s up. 1:50: 0.5mg flualp Let’s land, this shit’s laborious.

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